You Shouldn’t Ever Be Friends With A Mistress

You see them in movies. Or you know of someone. No matter how attached or indifferent the feeling you have towards them, they affect you in ways you cannot explain.

Their passion and desires define and consume them. At times, you question their level of intelligence and logical reasoning.

Sometimes, their vulnerabilities strike you a chord which moves you to transcend to their sensibilities and judgment. But most of the time, you try to temper and convince yourself that you have no business with her activities and her life.

They loved and was it their fault? Probably not.

It takes two to tango, as an old adage goes. But how should you deal with them? You ask. She denies and plays it cool. But her actions say otherwise. At that point, stop being friends with her. The passion and greed already consumed her that she is forced to orchestrate various schemes just to sustain the status quo.

She has mutated into a multi-drug resistant virus where she had learned how to fight various human emotions, adapt to unconventional situations, and do things just so she could thrive in her host’s body.
You cannot continue being friends with her. Because she is not the same anymore. Anyone who couldn’t respect the sanctity of marriage is not worthy of any trust, including yours.

She’s going to hate you sooner or later because people will naturally hate those who know their skeleton in their closets. They will hate you for being that person who will always remind them that their happiness is superficial.

Remember that their very source of happiness stems from the misery and heartbreak of her lover’s wife, the wife who is at the receiving end of the marital vows. She finds satisfaction and pleasure from that. She’ll probably find joy seeing you go down too. Truly, misery loves company. She can’t just be the one doing wrong. She’ll find ways just to prove that you aren’t that perfect after all.

All this, she will do without you or even her knowing about it. The indoctrination of the unwritten rules of a mistress spreads like a wildfire within her. Anyone who goes against it will get burned.

What is worse than a being a mistress? A mistress to her boss. This kind of woman has altogether violated both the personal and professional sphere of ethics. Love and lust aren’t the only factors ingredients in this bittersweet recipe. A spoonful of power struggle and a pinch of ambition becomes part of it. There is no stopping her.

For your own safety and sanity, stop being friends with her. She already did the moment she lied to you, or continued with it when you said stop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Flickr / Alistair Holmes

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