This Is What Bitter Feels Like

Richard P J Lambert
Richard P J Lambert

You just blocked him on Facebook.

That is a mortal sin. You look bitter and desperate. That will just feed his ego, your sensible and logical friends would say.

But yes, if that is bitter, then that is how bitter feels.

That bitter feeling is good. It wakes you up from the melancholy of solitude, self-pity, and desperation. It reminds you that no, what he did is not right. That no amount of kindness and happy memory you two made would make up for the hurt and insult you are going through now.

Don’t pretend that you can still care. Because the truth is even if you can, you shouldn’t.

You are hurt, acknowledge that. Be angry. Remember what Optimus Prime said, “Your anger is good.” You might be blaming yourself; trying to figure out what you did and didn’t do to make him stay. Don’t. It was his choice to hurt you. And you know you don’t deserve that. No one deserves that.

Remember all the lies he told you. How he disrespected you with finding a new one that easily. How he pretended to be a friend who cares and dropped you like a hot potato.

He promised you forever, remember.

You have wasted x years of your life with him. Or it was unrequited but he lead you on. You even made love then heard nothing from him after. No matter what the scenario was and how it started. It all is the same now, you are alone and hurt. Remember how you were before he came to your life. You were perfectly fine. Then he came and you thought that things would be better.

Feed that bitter feeling with his happiness, their happiness. Feel bitter till you puke.

Go to sleep hating him. Wake up still hating him. Stop crying and reminiscing your memories. Transform yourself. Put up that wall he cannot break anymore.
This is what bitter tastes like.

You are sick. He made you sick. And to be well again you need to drink that cough medicine. No matter how bitter it tastes.

Because that is the only way for you to be well again — that bitter cough medicine. By that time, you are stronger, and more immune to his virus that just comes and goes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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