You With The Sad Eyes

Davide Pietralunga / Unsplash

Hey, you.

Yes, you.

You with the sad eyes.

How are you? How’s your heart?

Are you feeling like you will never be content and happy with life? That you are only surviving and living but not truly alive? Even when you’re with your family, with your friends, or with your loved ones, do you still feel alone?

I think we all feel that way, at some point in our lives, if not all the time, dull and numb and full of feelings all at the same time. A living contradiction.

You are probably tired of people telling you that, “Everything’s gonna be okay in the end,” “Think positive,” or “Don’t worry about it.” Words that often make it worse. Do you find it funny and appalling, too, when you hear them say those words to you? but I guess we can’t really resent them, for I, myself, am not sure of the right thing to say, too.

You don’t have to stop yourself from feeling. You don’t have to stop yourself from letting the sadness in, from letting yourself feel some darkness, from letting some of the shadows accompany you. Perhaps by facing them is how you’ll get through it.

Acknowledge their presence. Accept that they are with you, that they are a part of you, that you avoiding them would only result in you not being able to move forward.


Let your feelings flow.

Let your heart get tired. Let your heart get numb.

Let it consume you — but for a momentary time only.


Then, unknowingly, your heart will start letting happiness in, little by little.

And as uncertain as we are about the “whens” and “hows” of it, just know that there is someone here silently cheering you on. We’ll make it through.

You’ll make it through. TC mark


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