Read This When You’re Worried About Breaking His Heart

Unsplash / Brooke Cagle

To the girl who doesn’t know what she wants. He hung around waiting for your decision, only to have you take him for granted. You know in your heart that he was at your beck and call. Still, you took your time to trample all over him, and then decided that he wasn’t enough for you.

To the girl who lacked honesty. He deserves it, he deserves to know what you’ve done. He will forgive you more than he will ever blame you, that’s how much he loves you. Yet, you chose to blame him for the decisions that led you here.

To the girl who didn’t like his friends. It’s okay, you do you and they can do them. They are his friends, it’s not your place to cut them off. Take your time to get to know them all over again, to figure out why he chose them. Respect them, because all of you love the same person.

To the girl who is still hung up on the past. It’s over, get over it. Stop using your past to justify the person that you are now. Stop using your past as a shield when you make mistakes. Yes, it did you damage but hey, this new guy wasn’t the one who destroyed you. He is the one who will heal you.

To the girl who is all too independent. Sharing your emotions with your partner is healthy, it is not a weakness. Let down your shield and rant to him. Let him comfort you, let him assure you. That’s what he is there for, to love you and to protect you.

To the girl whose friends just can’t shut up. Yes, your friends usually know what’s best for you. But is that true all the time? Don’t let invaluable opinions rule your heart. I ask you to pursue and fight for him. You’ll only know if it’s worth it after you try. Give him a chance to love you.

To the girl who is afraid of change. ‘Change is the only constant.’ Grab his hand and see what he has to offer. Don’t be afraid to meet families and friends all over again. You’re not the only one who is terrified. Trust him, trust that he will guide you through. Trust that they will see what he sees in you. Don’t simply push him away.

To the girl who is afraid of differences. No two people are exactly the same. Get in touch with those differences and maybe you’ll see the beauty in them. Have faith in him, have faith in yourself. Have faith in us, and you will overcome your fear.

To the guy who was let down. I hope you have enough faith to believe in love all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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