7 Newsworthy Things Worth Knowing This Week

Man, we have it great in America. Here’s an overview of our miniscule “problems” combined with #realworldproblems.

1. Job openings in the U.S. hits highest level since before the Great Recession: In April, job opening hit 4.5 million, the highest level in 7 years according to the State Department. However, the unemployment rate is still at 6.3%, far higher than numbers in 2007.

Your take: “what this shows is a disparity in education and what companies are seeking. Additionally, skills required by blue collar workers have been outsourced to workers overseas.”

2. Las Vegas citizens who thought they were patriots ended up being freaking weirdoes: On Sunday, Jerad and Amanda Miller left their home with a shopping cart full of guns and ammunition in hopes of reigning terror. Hours later, they entered a CiCi’s pizza and killed two police officers after yelling “this is a revolution!” They proceeded to take the officer’s ammunition and covered the victims in a swastika and the revolutionary Gadsden flag. Then the couple entered a nearby Walmart and shot a 31 year-old citizen with a concealed weapon who confronted them. Amanda is said to have shot her husband before killing herself, but recent reports state the responding police officers delivered the fatal blows to Jared. It was later revealed that the couple was asked to leave Cliven Bundy’s ranch due to their “conduct.”

Your take: “think about how loopy one must be in order to have been kicked out of convention of loopy people.”

3. Yet another school shooting in Oregon: On Tuesday, 15-year-old freshman Jared Padgett shot and killed fellow student Emilio Hoffman before being pepper sprayed by a 50-year-old P.E. teacher named Todd Rispler, who was also grazed by the shooters bullet. The shooter was found in a school bathroom with a self-inflicted fatal gun wound.

Your take: “What. The. F*ck. America.”

4. Majority leader Eric Cantor loses Virginia GOP primary: This man is powerful. He basically single-handedly shut down the government in 2012 by undermining House Speaker John Boener, yet was defeated for not being conservative enough. That’s right; Cantor lost to a “more conservative” Tea Party candidate who spent 1/25th the amount of campaign money as him. David Brat, an economics professor and newest puppet to the Grand Old Party, will now face democratic opponent Jack Trammell in November.

Your take: “Frank Underwood was behind this. He’s behind everything.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAIAopx2jgQ&w=781&h=410%5D

5. World Cup begins as Brazilians continued protests in Rio De Jeneiro: Football fans across the world, including stoner college students in America who are amazing at EA Sports FIFA and now care about the actual real-life game, now tune-in to the sports holy grail of championships. Over 1,000 protestors who are pissed off about Rio’s economic/social climate (you know, no money for education but enough money to hold one of the world’s major sporting events that costs hundreds of millions of dollars) made just as much news as their country’s team who beat Croatia yesterday 3-1.

Your take: “I thought football season started in August?”

6. Bombs over Baghdad: After an 8-year invasion which “ended” in 2011 and 4,500 American deaths, Sunni extremists are taking over major cities and military posts in Iraq, including its 2nd largest city Mosul. Iraqi soldiers and police forces are literally fleeing the cities they are supposed to be protecting, meaning all those weapons, tanks, Humvees, and body armor the U.S. provided Iraq are now in the hands of extremely dangerous terrorists. That’s not a cliché either, these guys are hunting down civilians, soldiers, and police officers they believe are associated with the government, while also freeing prisoners and adding them to their ranks. The extremist group, called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), executed 17 people in the streets of Mosul on Wednesday and 500,000 Iraqi citizens have been displaced. ISIS now seeks to take over Baghdad, and Iran is providing troops to Iraq while the White House has offered air strikes.

Your take: “This type of foreign insecurity poses a serious threat to Middle East diplomatic efforts, proven by the fact that Iran and the United States are now working on the same side. It’s amazing what partnerships can be created when oil is involved.”

7. Videos that are worth watching:

Happy Father’s day! This guy is a better son than you; your card and DVD are shit compared to this ’57 Bel Air.

Dumb and Dumber sequel looks amazingly stupid and the world justly awaits.

I don’t care if you’re into the World Cup or not, this video of a soccer legend dressing as a grandpa and schooling street players will make you laugh out loud multiple times.

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