6 Things You Should Know About In The News This Week

While other countries endure political and social turmoil, the United States media only had to concentrate on the Gitmo situation. Here’s a few other things you may have missed.
Last Week Tonight/Net Neutrality
Last Week Tonight/Net Neutrality

1. Scientists discover massive earth-like star: It’s not uncommon for discovering rocky stars in the universe, but astrologists on Monday discovered a planet unlike one we’ve seen before using a method of finding sun-like stars with orbiting planets. It’s different from planet earth because typically stars of this size, 17x the earth’s mass, consist of mainly gas or ice. Kepler-10c is about 560 light-years away from earth and the surprise gives astronomers new hope in finding other planets which can sustain life. Kepler-10c, however, would not be a favorable habitat for life considering its orbit creates enormous heat and it has a gravitational force which would make my skinny ass weigh about 600 pounds. As stated previously, science is not my forte so read more here.

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2. Apple reminds us the future the is today: The Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco  this week is proving the world is becoming smaller and easier by unveiling a series of software that send us further towards a Jetson-like society. Developments include; data gathering processes from different health-monitoring applications to summarize a users overall health status, third party apps working together in real-time (think Trip Advisor linking to google searches while on the road), higher performance in gaming, hiding photo albums, new file-sharing apps to compete with Dropbox, and smart-home automation among many others. Hundreds of developments came from one of the most anticipated conventions of the year, yet no new products were announced other than iPhone 6 buzz.

Your take: “Sweet, more data gathering. Hey at least were one stop closer to Wall-E, AMIRIGHT?”

3. American media still can’t see correlation between glorification of school shooters and mass killings: Yet another school shooting has made headlines, this time at Seattle Pacific University. A 25 year old lunatic opened gunfire with a shotgun killing one man and injuring two others. He was detained by those on the scene after a student sprayed him with teargas as he was reloading his gun.

Your take: “If the media would stop exploiting these situations for headlines then crazy people would stop killing their peers to make these headlines. Haha just kidding, that will never happen; clicks per headline are worth more than human lives”

4. Chester Nez, the last WWII Code Talker dies at 93: The last of 29 Navajo Americans that helped create a communication cipher for allied troops in the Second World War died this week. The accuracy and speed of this group’s code helped saved tens of thousands of lives during the war as enemy troops were unable to determine opposing forces strategies. Watch the film Windtalkers for specifics.

Your take: “These men are heroes who helped defeat a Nazi regime. The irony in the history of genocide is too much to ignore.”

5. Obama administrations secretly trades 5 Taliban prisoners for one American Soldier who hated America: In 2006, President Bush said “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Apparently President Obama disagrees, as he traded 5 assumed terrorists (some connected to Osama Bin Laden) for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who left his post in 2009 to seek out the Taliban. Well he found them, and they kept his ass captive until Saturday, at which point Team America showed up in Qatar blasting Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue from the Apaches helicopters.

Your take: “Can we please get the 7 other Americans being held captive in other countries back? Oh wait, there’s no political value since they won’t help close Gitmo.”

6. Videos that are worth watching:

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