I Will Not Let My Weight Define Me

woman standing in woods
Cameron Kirby

I will not let my weight define me.

It doesn’t matter what society says. It doesn’t matter if I hear your words repeatedly in my head. I will not let them define me. I always hear, “You’re too fat,” or “Why couldn’t you just be a little bit smaller?” Society emphasizes on women being a size two or a size four. But heaven forbid you reach a size 10! Apparently, the whole world could end.

I will not let the size of my jeans define me. I wasn’t good enough for you. Translation: I wasn’t skinny enough for you. Never mind the countless compliments I’ve gotten from other people. People who tell me I’ve never looked healthier than what I do now.

I had a baby. I had your baby. And you still find me unattractive. I will not let your feelings towards me define me. I am my own person. I am a human being, with feelings. My weight tried to define me, but I wouldn’t let it.

I finally learned to embrace my curves. I learned that I don’t have to weigh 110 pounds or be a size two in order to be happy. I can be 170 pounds, a size 10, and be just as happy. All because I am a person.

A living, breathing person, who won’t let her weight define her.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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