Here’s My Closure You’ll Never Hear Because You’re Too Hard-Headed

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To a situation that got deadly poisonous, you’ll never hear this from me to you because I know you’re too hard-headed to look at this objectively:

Hi there, I’ve only read all your messages properly for the first time today because I really didn’t want or have the energy to deal with that negativity the past few days. But if you’ve haven’t blocked me here, this is my response/closure to you.

I am well aware of your capabilities to be shady, but it’s incredibly disappointing to see you stoop to such lows just to project your frustrations. You’ve only been speaking to me for no more than 5 months, and yet you think you know enough of me to comment on my family dynamics and eventually ‘who I am as a person’. That was unwarranted, unnecessary and obnoxious (which seems to me like your word of choice as of late). You’ve only been to my place a few times, which within itself was a mistake no doubt, and only greeted my family in passing, so you’re self-entitled sense of authority is absolutely absurd and baffling. It was absolutely uncalled for.

You’ve took my issues and spun in into every mental illness possible, psychosis, bipolar, crazy, psycho, among the many diagnosis. It’s again, unnecessary. I’m still trying to understand what joy you’re getting out of this name-calling.

Btw, the reason why it’s hard for us to be friends isn’t because I’m bitter, salty and sour (or any flavour profile in between), but more so because you have zero respect towards this. (google definition #2:due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. Just so we’re on the same page in terms of definition) Just read the things that spew out of you when you get triggered. You’ve a temper issue, but attributing it to that without any intention to work on it doesn’t really make sense either.

This isn’t me self-pitying mind you, just a view outside of the ‘bitter and sour’ you subscribed to fit your own narrative about how ‘psychotic’ I am. Clearly, you belittle me with your higher-than- thou attitude, which is just outrageous and unreal tbh.

And as far as hypocrisy goes, you’ve pulled a great trick out of your hat with your ‘I care’ antic few days back. Though it was quite funny when I called you out for your bs you just gave up and went ‘oh thank god I didn’t waste my time on you blah blah’.

Whatever emotion, at least be consistent. There’re more instances but there’s no point bringing it up, because you’d be condescending as you’ve been for a while. Don’t know who told you that was ok. No person, friend or acquaintance would find that acceptable.

Actually so much of this tension would have been avoided if you didn’t lie and just be honest with how you’re dating other people and have an interest already. It would’ve saved us a lot of time and energy.

For someone so ruled by logic and think or perhaps know you’re so high, mighty and intelligent, it’s disheartening to see how deluded you are at brushing your hands clean, behaving like a deer caught in the headlights not accepting your part in this. There’s no victimizing here, but it’s cringey to see you try be the bigger person when you refuse to at least acknowledge your parts in this.

I don’t see why you’re so triggered to the point you feel like you need to block me instead when I’m completely calm and moving on, it feels as if you’re irritated at the fact I’m not taking your bullshit anymore? It seems like you enjoy arguing and throwing insults, does it make you feel better? You already know you’re smart, so why put people down and antagonize them to feel like you’re an notch higher?

You’re in a happily attached relationship, so please revel in that and I believe you’ll be so content. I hope you’ll be able to stop taking all those drugs eventually and start finding a better way to deal with your own issues, maybe find time to speak to a professional about your temper issues and other underlying problems.

There’s no upside to being petty and take jabs when you see an opportunity and feign no ill-intent after you get called out. Again, it’s sad to see you stoop to such lows when I’ve been nothing but nice, but I do hope with your anger and frustrations vented out, you can be less disturbed and a happier person.

Of course, I’ve my part to play and made many mistakes, I’ll acknowledge that. This is not to blame game as you suggested, but in hopes you can at least see your role in this and acknowledge it.

This is my ‘closure’ to you. Please, no need for replies and another barrage of low blows, let this be the last exchange and let’s leave it at there. It has been pleasant while it was good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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