We Are All Donald Trump

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

We complain about Donald Trump. But we are all Trump.

Let us look inside of ourselves. Can we find the conditioned parts of us that judge people of other religions, races, social statuses; the parts of us that punish individuals because our governments are at war with one another; the parts of us that feel entitled because we are more fortunate than others, richer; the parts of us that believe (and this is truly heart-breaking) that the Divine loves us more? What about the parts of us that insist we are saved and we are here to save others?

Paradoxically, we are the ones to be saved, and we are the saviors. All of us. And yet we try to change others, blacklist others, imprison others. Our institutions are simply a manifestation of our tendency to polarize others. And Trump is a projection of the collective. And until we drop the ego and remember that we are born into this ideological and cultural matrix, then we will continue to blame Trump and other politicians, other countries, other religions, other people for our own problems.

Always the other, never ourselves.

We are all conditioned. Trump is just honest, vocal about it. Yet we continue to gasp in shock when we hear what Trump says about immigrants, women, but we are really gasping at our own selves, and the prejudices that lurk within us, though manifested differently in each of us.

In essence, we are all dangerous, as long as we continue to believe our conditioned thoughts and act upon them. And we are even more dangerous when we continue to go to war with the perceived outer enemy. This is where our hypocrisy taunts, haunts us. Let us be more honest. Most countries in the world impose restrictions on certain nationalities and religions. They are just coy about it. And those that open their borders to others are doing so to silence the demons, to transcend the darkness that is so evidently a part of our being.

Yes, we should embrace all by transcending our innate prejudices. Yes, we should be more open to “the other.” Because, we are the other. But we can only change our collective nightmare and transcend racism when we become flashlights in our own diamond-mines. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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