The Tests Of Love We All Endure

Waiting is a test of love. How can you love her if you can’t wait for her? Letting go is also a test of love. If she wants to be let go, and you love her, you must let her go. Paradoxically, when you do this, you will find yourself more in love with her. You have now come to accept that you will never be together. This acceptance can be a difficult and long road, but think of it, as a test of love.

Love is imbued with a strong sense of altruism. Love asks of us if we can rise to the level of altruism it requires. It requires that you love her more than the idea of you and her being together.

It requires that you love her more than you love the attention she gave you. It requires loving her more than you love being there for her. You love her because you love her; because of whom she is and who you are. You may grow tired of the pain you cause yourself, but just live through it and try your hardest not to bring stress to her or others.

In the beginning, you will make mistakes, you may say too much or too little, but you both will gradually learn each other’s comfort zones, and then you can continue being friends without doing anything over the top like more confessions.

Acceptance is required, but it does not mean the erosion of hope. Acceptance is a test of love because it involves the acknowledging and understanding of her needs or wants, and knowing that there will be times when she doesn’t want any friendship from you, and that there will be times when she wants to be your friend. Knowing and understanding these two states is what you need to keep her happy, and she will know that you are happy and respect her decision not to be with you.

If you don’t respect her decision, then how do you love her? No one can turn love on or off, love just happens or it doesn’t. She can’t say: I’m going to love him because he loves me. You can’t say: I’m going to stop loving her because she doesn’t love me. The only option is to be accepting. Once you have done that, you will know that you love her; and will be able to find another person to love and be happy with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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