26 Ways Turning 26 Changes A Woman And Why It’s The Best Thing To Happen To Her 

 Vil Son
Vil Son

Everybody writes about hitting the 25 year old milestone. But what about turning 26, why is this age not celebrated or spoken of enough? 26 is an interesting age for a woman. The false sense of youthful exclusivity granted to this age, supposedly wears off she is made to feel sorry that she is getting closer to the big 30. At this age, she is vulnerable, yet strong, free yet bound, has enough “friends” yet loves her solitude, in love with her life, yet not completely satisfied, she’s a woman but still childlike. It’s an age of paradox, she has changed in many ways and that only makes her more awesome. I wrote down 26 ways in which a woman changes by the time she hits 26.

1. She’s Fake And That’s Okay

Diplomacy is her new best friend. If she has always been diplomatic, she continues being so. If she wasn’t then she starts being one, owing to the many life lessons. Also she kind of accepts that everyone else is fake too, and that’s okay as well.

2. She’s A Feminist And She Knows It

She’s been a woman for too long, to not be a feminist. She may not exclusively proclaim that she is one, but she sure is. She would be stupid to not be on her own side.

3. Rebel With A Cause

She ceases to be a rebel without a cause, because ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. She handpicks her fight because she has come to realize that she doesn’t need to fight, every fight that life presents her with.

4. Romance Is Hyped

She knows that romance is hyped, and the pursuit of it, even more. If “love” binds her in anyway, she would rather walk away without looking back. She knows that there’s nothing romantic about being in “love” with the wrong person.

5. Professional Becomes Personal

Linkedin is her Facebook. She’s serious about her career and there’s nothing more important than spending enough time to make herself better and better at what she does. She reads, talks to people and takes the necessary steps to be the best in the business.

6. Hello Calculated Risks

She is game to take a couple of chances to pursue something that really matters to her. Despite all the challenges that will be coming along her way, she goes ahead with the decision and nothing else gives her greater joy.

7. Mistakes And Disappointments Are Okay Too

She is still human and continues to feel hurt, but she is now better equipped to manage her emotions and learns to stay afloat instead of drowning in her thoughts.

8. She Is Wise With Money 

She’s careful with her money. She knows that it’s better to have a bag worth 1k with 50k in it, than have a bag worth 50k with 1k in it.

9. She’s Mindful

She looks inward and thinks before speaking; questions herself before questioning someone else.

10. She Is Plugged Out And Happy

She cuts off from people that drain her and realizes that it is one of the best decisions she ever took. Pleasing people almost ceases.

11. Crappy Days Are Over

She stops taking shit from people and does it in a very subtle way. She learns to disconnect from them without pissing them off. She continues doing whatever the hell she wants to, without caring much about what others think about it and realizes that it’s the second best decision she took.

12. Picking No Over Yes

Saying no does her more good than saying yes, because being a yes-woman is plain boring and also time consuming.

13. Non-linear Narration

She doesn’t feel the need to cater to the norms of society; e.g. school, college, job, marriage, kids etc. because she knows that it isn’t a big deal. A non-linear narration doesn’t mean that she didn’t do it — it just means that she did things at a time she considered as ideal for her life

14. Bye Bye Bullies

Those who have been consistently bullying her cease to exist for her. Sure she’ll always maintain the relationship, but they’ll always be on the periphery where they’ll never find her heart.

15. Less Complaints More Thank Yous

She has quit complaining about her life and has started being grateful for a lot of things – education, experiences and grateful that she has a place she can call home. She has had her heart broken a couple of times by “lovers”, “friends” and strangely as much as she loathes the pain, she is grateful for the experience because it made her wiser.

16. Periods Are Cool

Getting her period is no longer an event. She doesn’t give it the attention it doesn’t deserve, because the show must go on!

17. A Belief System For Champions

By now she has experienced at least a few surprises and several shocks that have made her belief-system rock solid. She’s figured out what makes her stick together, she’s almost invincible.

18. Patience Is Your Other Best Friend

Stuff that pissed her off previously doesn’t anymore. She has learned to take things in her stride and she firmly believes that she will get what she deserves.

19. I, Me, Myself

Yes she is Narcissist incarnate, got a problem with that? Eat her shorts. She is the center of her universe. Everything and everybody else can wait. She is her biggest encourager/supporter. She loves herself a lot and makes herself her number one priority.

20. She’s A Brand

She doesn’t need to ape anybody. She’s already too deeply in love with herself and doesn’t need anybody’s validation. She knows that she is enough.

21. Marriage Is Awesome, But So Is An Awesome Job

Marriage is great, but she also believes that, (in the words of Maya Angelou), “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. You’ve got to go out and kick ass” first. Married and still slaying an awesome career? You go girl!

22. No Time For Enemies

Because who has the time?

23. Dressing Up For Herself

Dress to please? Thanks but no thanks. She only dresses to please her own damn self.

24. She Is Learning To Be Calm

She learns to calm the fuck down. There’s a lot more to life than fight-flight responses. She knows now that working with a calm mind, swallowing her ego and responding rather than reacting is very rewarding. She also becomes more tolerant of people and their life choices.

25. Comfort Zones Are For The Weak

She likes challenges and wants to do the things that she would have never imagined doing a few years ago. She doesn’t just challenge herself, but she goes out and proves it that she can do it.

26. Being Awesome Is Second Nature

She realizes how awesome she is and accepts that this is the best possible version of her and from here on, the only way is up.

She has come this far and deserves a pat on her back for making it.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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