How To Love Yourself And Defeat Your Insecurities


The more we get addicted to social media, the more life seems to be about expensive handbags, shiny cars and pretty faces. And sometimes it feels absolutely impossible to love ourselves as a result. Most people, including myself, would admit to wanting more self confidence in certain situations, and would also say they felt insecure, or had low self esteem.

When it comes to insecurities, they are, for the most part, illogical fears that have manifested in our minds to become this obstacle that stops us from being who we really are. We are so burdened by these irrational fears that we forget that we can rise above them.

There are always two realities running at the same time: the one outside your mind, and the one within. Take a step back, and see that the ‘reality’ inside your mind, has very little to do with the actual reality outside. Instead, it’s just your fear and anxieties holding you back.

Your insecurity is intangible. Don’t let something intangible be a barrier, stopping you from being who really are. No one is judging you for being insecure, because no one can tell.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. If you want to, compare yourself to you. You are your fiercest competition.

Focus on a purpose. The more we go outside, look around, and try to help others, the lesser time we have for our insecurities. Concentrating on your own insecurities is just going to take you to a place you never want to go to: depression, loneliness and fear.

Address the fears that cause your insecurity. Next time that insecurity shows up, lift your head and follow through as though you didn’t have that insecurity in the first place. It’s definitely not going to be fun, or easy. Sometimes the result isn’t going to be pleasing, but keep continuing to address your fears and don’t run away from them. The outcome will be better than you ever imagined. And remember, most importantly, you don’t have to do it alone.

Insecurities are a pain. They limit us and they’re not something we can hide behind, or avoid. There needs to be a conscious choice to start moving forward and kick those insecurities out. Don’t let insecurities destroy you. Take charge of your own life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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