Just Who Are We, Exactly?

image - Flickr / Lulu Lovering
image – Flickr / Lulu Lovering

Let’s be honest, it’s a question that comes to our mind very, very often. We never know who we truly are. We struggle with our identity. All we know is our name, our likes and dislikes, and some feelings – Even those may not be real.

We constantly try to change ourselves, alter and trim to perfection to fit in with the group of people we want to be with. The group of people we consider to be ‘cool’. We change our clothes, we change the way we talk, we change our hair, we change our attitude just so that we get their attention. And when they do, inside our heads we’ll be praying that they invite us out to their next party. And the list of consequences can go on forever: You become a completely different person; a person you don’t recognize. A person who never existed before. It’s a whole new you. You base everything on this certain group of ‘cool’ people and put yourself last when it comes to absolutely everything. You lose your former friends; you distance yourself from your family and the ones you love. And suddenly, they just stop caring, because you don’t anymore.

I think individuality and originality is the best thing to ever happen to someone. It’s always better to know who you are and be that person, rather than someone others want you to be. It’s not worth changing yourself to fit in to a group. You’re going to find someone or some people who will accept you for they way you are and the things you do, and these are the people you need to hold onto. Not people who treat you like a puppet. You are nobody’s puppet. You are your own person, and nobody can stop you from being YOU.

So be true to yourself, love yourself, accept yourself for who you are, try to get to know yourself a little better instead o changing yourself for others. There are people out there who are just like you, looking for the same kind of acceptance you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to let break your walls down, you can build them back up. You are never completely broken. Let your true self shine in an otherwise dark place. You are special, believe it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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