11 Fun Ways You Can Pass The Time On Your Long Commute Home

Producer’s note: Someone asked on Quora: How do you pass time while traveling through public transport? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread. Thank you to the team at Quora for making this happen.
Assumption: You are travelling alone.

What do you generally do?

  • Just sit or stand.
  • Listen to music.
  • Play games on your mobile phone.
  • Read comics/novels/newspaper etc
  • Sleep

Well, what else can you do?

1. Assuming you have your phone battery charged enough to last till you reach your destination, text/Whatsapp your not-in-touch friends. This helps you to catch up with your old friends regularly. They will appreciate your apparent efforts and you can stay their favorites without really making efforts.

2. Put on the earphones but do not play music. Eavesdrop on your neighbour. You will be amazed by the conversations you get to listen to.

3. OBSERVE the people around you. Their clothes, body language, expressions and anything you spot. Try to predict their moves. Judge them. Make up a story about them. Try being SHERLOCK! This kills time like anything and gives enough exercise to your brain.

4. If you like making random conversations, talk to strangers. Everyone in the bus/rail is different. You will get to know a lot more about this world than from reading books or watching documentaries.

5. If there are babies around, make faces at them. They might take time but they will definitely respond. It’s fun.

6. Sketch.

7. Look out of the window, observe the city/town/landscape and how it changes along your route.

8. Carry a Rubik’s cube with you.

9. If you are travelling by bus, count the number of different vehicles you pass by.

10. Wave at people outside the bus as you pass by them.

11. Bus windows: making you think about life since 1956. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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