We May Not Always Agree But That Shouldn’t Change Our Love For Each Other

 William Stitt
William Stitt

Our worlds will collide. Oh they will and I know they will. With your ideas and my words! Your actions and my thoughts! Your ego and mine too! Yes, they will collide. Do not ever try to avoid that collision. Embrace it. It is a part of our life; a part of us -together and separately. It is more than friction; it defines us. So acknowledge it.

We are not the same. We are not required to be. We don’t even have to try. I am not yours to measure and predict. You are not mine to tame and reduce. You can’t neatly contain me and I will never try to outline you. My decisions are mine to make. Please remember that. Do not make me remind you. Because I might and you will hate me for it. Because I might not and I will hate you for it.

We are not property. We choose to be with each other. It is a choice; a fact. All subject to time. And time changes everything. So do not be afraid, if one morning you wake up and do not feel for me what you feel for me now. It will get better. Or maybe not.

But whatever it is, tell me. Look me in the eye and tell me. Maybe I can help you or maybe I’ve been trying to tell you too. So help me out; help me talk to you.

I will wake up on some nights at 3am and go on a writing spree like tonight. I will not to wake you. You deserve that much. I will wake up on some nights at 3 am from a terrible nightmare shivering in fear. I will wake you up. I believe I deserve that much. And I hope that on those nights, you agree too. I will wait up for you every night that I am not too sleepy to.

I make mistakes but none which can’t be brushed aside with a laugh. So laugh at my blunder, on my face. Not behind my back, please. I will laugh with you after a few punches, of course. I can’t sing to save my life but you will hear me sing every now and then. Do not stop me. I will not stop you from not brushing your hair. I like to talk, so listen to me. Also please shut me up when I don’t make sense. I am counting on you to do that. I think I like your voice, so give me something to listen to.

On stormy evenings, you will find me perched on our window sill staring at the clouds, oblivious to everything else. Come sit next me. When I lean against you, know that you have entered my world. I might not talk to you or even look at you. But know that I can feel you and that I like your presence. Enjoy the silence. What we create then, is comfort. Between you and me, that is our home. Ask nicely and I’ll let you hear my silence. They are often more meaningful than words. It’s not your everyday humdrum. It’s the star that wanted to swim, the fern that wanted to fly and the siren that wanted to sing. It’s a little girl’s smile; it’s the sunflower seed. It’s all things small and beautiful.

Come swimming with me. We will go out into the water and rediscover each other. We’ll fall in love again in my favorite place. We’ll watch the fishes swim by; the waves splash against each other; water change from green to blue to silver. We’ll believe in ourselves. The ocean does that to you. Come on long drives with me. I’ll drive too.

Let me take care of both of us. You know I can. We will climb a cloud and go places we never knew existed. We’ll watch everything disappear around us and still find the way to each other. I promise I’ll go find stars good enough to hold your light and waterfalls large enough to engulf your tears. Tell me if you don’t like it. I will be disappointed but like I said, we are different. Let’s agree to disagree.

For every wonderful moment of joy, I promise you there’ll be moments of utter helplessness. For every careless laughter that’ll echo through our lives, I promise you that there’ll be hot tears of anger and frustration. It is important to remember these glimpses of love, the strong grip of our hands and the friendship that’s to last. After all, only friends can fall and remain in love.

Cheers to our friendship! May we bring out the best in each other. May we hold on without pushing. May we decide for the other and let the other decide. May we reason out with each other without crossing limits. May we have the freedom to cross limits. May we be brave enough to wait and caring enough to be impatient. Cheers to us!

I’ve already warned you. I will leave one day. I might not write you a note. Don’t expect me to. Know that what you feel then is my absence. Learn to live with it. But if I am gone for long, come looking for me. I am probably waiting for your searchlight. If and when I set before you, do not be lost. Find yourself in my absence. Be normal. No, in fact, be better than that.

Know that my family is very dear to me; that I will not hear a word against them. Do not ever insult them. Know that I will choose if forced to and my choices might not please you. But they are mine to make and unmake. They make me the person that I am proud to be.

My life is full of maybes. There is not a lot I know for sure. But somethings I do. Like how I’d never cheat on you. Like how I’d never forgive you for cheating on me. Like how I will walk away if I need to. Like how I love your laugh. Like how I’ll lean against you even when I am not tired. Like how happy I am with us.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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