woman meditating on forest

Kiss The Earth

some things in life are best left to be felt than to be understood. cleverness has led us astray to the disarray of this world, and perhaps it is time that we create a new one. an abysm of dark spaces that are illumined by the goodness of our spirit, and not further blackened by the guilefulness of our reason. a union of fields with humble warriors marching to the sound of their own beating hearts. a terrestrial body where its limbs work to alleviate the plight of others, rather than worship for passage through the palatial gates of a purported heaven. a labyrinth of journeys explored by brave wanderers who proudly announce their stumbles through the echoes of swinging trees and mounting seas so that those who have not yet embarked upon the path may have a calmer storm before them. under the certainty of death, the rain will one day extinguish our flame. but there is no such promise that we are to live while being fully alive. these reigns are ours alone to hold. let us not squander the remainder of our time lamenting tears of false squalor and showering the sky with our hollow wishes. let us revere the rivers from which we drink, the soil from where we stand, and surrender before the crashing skies of this wild enigma with the thunder of purpose beating through our veins. let us feed our fill on the divine privilege to be alive and quench our tongues with the light pouring down from the rays of our forgiving sun. here and now, we can choose to forgive our follies, forget our foes, and forge ahead with the fortitude to defy all that gravity has for us to endure—forfeiting the myriad of justifications for why we continue as we are and remerging allegiant to the pursuit of becoming better than we have ever been. in this quiet unknowing, we must honor the magic inside ourselves and begin to perform miracles for each other. with our hands and hearts as one, may we bow before this magnificent horizon of possibilities and kneel down to kiss the earth.

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