Why Penguins Have A Forwarder Culture Than People

Have you ever looked around and felt kind of disappointed of how human culture seems now a days? You know, like so judgmental, unforgiving of love, so close-minded? So this new penguins arrived recently in town at the zoo and it got me thinking about how absolutely adorable they are. Among the many creatures in the animal kingdom, penguins are my most favorites of all. But why is that, I pondered, and realized that they have a more advanced mentality than we do.

That is, of course, we assume they have an actual mentality.

First of all, they are monogamous. They are among the few of all the animals that choose a single mate for life. Now, I am not going to be hypocrite and say I have only been with a single person all my life. Having occasional flings here and there are a thrill very few deny enjoying. What I think is valuable about penguin monogamy is that once they choose the person they will spawn children with, they stick with it no matter how cold the freaking artic is. This is a valuable thing us humans should learn. With divorce rates skyrocketing and relationships loosing their value more and more these days, sticking with a single being for all your life seems like a huge accomplishment. Kudos to penguins for being able to pull it off.

Yeah, don’t feel bad; most people can’t last that long in a relationship either.

Okay, secondly, penguins accept homosexuality. Seriously, is homosexuality still an issue? I mean, I really can’t understand how such a large chunk of society still deems same sex relationships as immoral. Come on people, as if other people’s choices of love affected you in the least. Penguins don’t pull this crap on fellow homosexual penguins.

Also, in case you were wondering, have some evidence of this.

On a related note to the above-mentioned, penguins also accept adoptions. If there is a children-less pair, they will adopt the heck out of any stranded chick. Or even a rock sometimes, just anything to give them the care they were born to give. They don’t have to undergo legal procedures that last years and years, or have to bear with them other penguins giving them the stern stare. It just happens they way nature was meant it to.

I know, legal procedures are only meant to protect the kids and whatnot. However they sure go over the top ridiculous at times…

I do not mean to be all feminist and shit but another plus on penguins is: the woman goes and gets the food, the man stays watching over the kids. In homosexual couples they probably have to solve it differently, but you get the idea. I don’t know where you are but where I come from it is still looked down upon if the dad, while the mom works, raises the children. Yeah I know, totally ridiculous. Penguins seem to have that one figured out.

And last, and most importantly, all penguins wear suits wherever they go. How classy and elegant is that? I don’t think society is nowhere near that soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Shutterstock

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