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Comparing US Cities To 90s Nickelodeon TV Shows

Let’s just put it this way: watching a mature-beyond-her-years girl balance the advances of a platonic male friend who clearly wants more and the badgering of a right-wing twerp who thinks he can get under her skin by teasing her…well, that sounds like every Thursday night out I’ve had at a bar in DC.

It Isn’t All About You

A perfect friend is someone who is always there for you, no matter what. For you, above all else. No matter what your friend is going through, you come first. You know what that sounds like a more accurate description of? A butler.

Watching The Craft On Fast Forward

Witch-off! Vicki Valencourt’s hair turns to snakes, maybe. They’re talking a lot. Lot of angst. Then all hell breaks loose. Empire Records just disappeared. VV whipped out a huge knife? INSANITY! INSANITY! Something just happened! Too fast. Not sure.

Famous Authors Rewrite The Bagel Bites Song

It’s part of this world we grew up in, dominated by advertisers, where we are shown (repeatedly, constantly, to the point of near perpetuity) the same jingoistic songs, the “He likes it! Hey Mikey!” repetitions that come part and parcel with being (growing up, living) as an American.

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