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Names that Will and Kate Will Definitely NOT Name Their Baby

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Over at HuffPo, the Vanity Fair writer Juli Weiner made a list of royal names that Will and Kate will definitely NOT be using to name their baby. To help along with this process, I came up with a list of other names they definitely won’t be using as well.

The Creature Formerly Known as Gozemel
Super Adolf
Diaper Bag
Fat Bottomed Girl Who Makes the Rocking World Go Round
Foghorn Leghorn
Anything Irish
Hershel, The Kvetching One
Lorimer Tangiers
Peabody the Nerdly
Ping Pong
Craigory Higginbottom
Bag o’ Chips
Sasha Dingle
Pansy Adams, He of the Weak Wrist
Mussolini…No, Not That Mussolini
Inbred Jackson
Horseman Anderson of Billings, Montana
Toejam and Earl
Mega Adolf

Feel free to help along this journalistic endeavor by adding other names that Will and Kate will not be using in the comment section. Thanks. TC Mark

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