What You Learn About The Real World

Stepping out on the real world can be exciting and probably fun for most people. Getting past the academic stage can really be considered an achievement but hopefully facts are not to be ignored. If there is one thing you will learn while contributing to the system of society, it is that things don’t go as smoothly as it sounds. If you want higher pay it is common knowledge that you display your intellectual prowess and skills necessary to be selected from an abundant candidate. It sounds simple yet everyone knows it is a challenge. A challenge that involves a little bit of luck because opportunities sometimes come your way and sometimes when you see it coming it is not facing towards your direction. Everyday everyone wage war towards these probabilities; challenging something we see as goals but is entirely an unknown idea of creative endings. It is a simple motivational trick in order to push ourselves to work within our limit or even beyond it. We know how to do it the same way we have learned how to walk using only our feet and know how to stand with only one foot. The thing about goals is that it comes with a price. In order to accomplish one we need to create a productive timeline for ourselves. A common belief, yes. But it does not stop there. Wanting something will always involve the law of flow of asset. When you gain something someone is bound to lose an equal amount of that which you have gained. That is the ultimate sacrifice people are not aware of. There is a dichotomy of ideal justice because of playful acts of ignorance. What we learn in school, no matter how hard, is simply basic. The mistake starts when people believe difficulty defines the bigger picture.

Everyone seem to think that not everyone can be good at business, but human nature says otherwise. Every second, decisions are being made. Every decision sets our direction. How do we even begin to make a decision? It is apparent that only a few select individuals ask that particular question. It is a good process if you want to get to know your likes and dislikes. A good way of setting your self straight. But by default we run under the program of risk and benefit analysis. Before we decide between option one and option two it is common to think about gauging the benefits we get and the risks we put ourselves into if there are any. Taking into account the scale of both affects our decision, is what you are thinking of right now. Know that the point of its presence is the fact that humans are geared towards enhancing the self. The so called unconditional love is nowhere near the whole truth. At some point people will feel emotionally rewarded just by being selfless. Truth can be cruel, yes. But people should know that truth is only painful because they link it with their persona.

Being out in the field and working as an individual, you ought to learn, if you care enough, that society functions in a perfectly disgusting way. No one can deny that everyone plays a vital role in the society be it a plumber, a farmer or a gardener. Then again “vital” is a categorical lie. If they are so important why are they getting an unreasonable compensation? Herein lies the disgusting part. The system works like a clock. With just one missing gear everything will not work. The clockmaker values every part of the clock because no matter the size everything is just as valuable. The thing with our society is that we value every role everyone has to play but in the eyes of some it is, at the same time, expendable. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, they said. The sentence is actually hollow. Climbing up the ladder of the corporate world is not as simple as honing your skills and raising your aptitude. As you climb the ranks you’ll see yourself fall apart or if you didn’t then it only means you have succeeded too far to notice the change. How long do you think you can keep your integrity while following corporate protocols? It is kind of ironic that everything they teach you at school is values and everything they teach you in the corporate world is rules. Amongst them is the command of forced smile to your rude customers or clients; a deceitful rejection; addressing complaints without any form of resolution; and sandwich approach for a feedback. If you manage to carry on without a hitch then you are more likely to raise your standing. It is not a stretch if we say the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Now, that is the genuine sentence. The only thing separating the poor from morality is their will for survival. As for the rich they have a choice and they chose losing their integrity in exchange for competence.

Under the pretense that we are an outstanding citizen, ethical blindness becomes the cover that convince us to act accordingly within the scope of sequence that only involves a field of our interests. Effectivity of route is also a factor that plays a part in this human entropy. Beside the point that we lean on ourselves captivated by instant rewards we also have a knack to pursue the shortest route. Ofcourse, who strays from the path shortest to their goal? It would be a contradictory move on our part to do so. But some people do it because it has merits. Learning things the hard way may let you find yourself being in the most productive situations. It lets you build up your momentum and without a hint of idleness you start to become aware of a lot of things instead of spending idle moments in auto-pilot only seeing what’s in front of you. Awareness can be toxic because ignorance is a norm. What you know can be a threat to others if deemed incomprehensible. In order to formulate a fair set of laws that will govern society it is a must that we commit to the universality of ethics although, universal it may be, it is still a collection of subjective encipher of fair and just. To summarize, everything is just a balanced equation. No matter the intention as long as we pursue something we end up taking it from someone else’s requisition. Greed is contagious. Someone who has less will have to get it from others too. And that is where the chain of instability called crime becomes a product of this cycle. The challenge here is to gain an achievement worth boasting. Something you gained stepping on stones and not on people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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