I’m Hated By Real People, But How Am I Doing Online?


The online world is more important to people than the real world. Nobody cares about how they are perceived in reality anymore. People just want to know that online they are killing it. That they are being heard and seen. Even if their actual friends are willing to listen to them, they want to know that people care online.

“I’ll listen to you tell that story of how the bus driver wronged you in some way.”

“Yeah, but who the hell are you? You’re just a friend I’ve had for ten years. Your opinion is not a strangers opinion. Sorry, but I’ll pass. Hey, selfie! I want fake friends to know that I have actual friends. Stop looking like we’re not friends! We’re having the best time.”

The real world is becoming less and less important to people, while the online world keeps becoming more and more so.

People seem to be fine with how things are going in their actual life. Credit scores, debts, unpaid bills don’t matter. What matters is how you appear online. How am I doing there?

“Can’t pay rent. Lost my job. But yo, that picture I put up? People love it!”


“Hey, your rent is due! It’s a month late!”

“… Oh, good. That came from the door and not my computer. I thought I was being kicked off the internet. How could I check out all the likes on this picture!?”

“That’s it! You’re evicted!”

“Oh, god. Just let me send out this tweet! ‘Just got evicted. #MyLandLordIsADick #StartedFromTheBottom

Someone calls you a stupid idiot in the street? That’s not true. You have twenty five likes on your clever status update!

“Who cares what these losers in reality are saying? Whatever. I’m not stupid. Twenty five people I don’t care about liked my witty comment. I’m smart as hell today!”

You can tell people care more because they’re way more upset when things don’t get likes on line than in real life. They’ll put it up, and keep checking to see if anyone liked it or commented on it.

“Remember that thing I said a minute ago about how I think the waiter is too slow and the clever analogy I came up with about it? Yeah. No one online liked it.”

“I liked it! It was hilarious. Those people are stupid.”

“Don’t call my followers stupid! They mean everything to me! EVERYTHING!”

Nobody cares if real people don’t like something. You don’t like someone’s shirt? Whatever. They’ll probably take a picture of it and put it online to see what other people think to prove you wrong.

“You don’t like these earrings? You’re dumb. I’ll post them. Oh, look! Jessica already liked them. Oh! And Steve just said, ‘I’d love to see those on my floor while I’m hitting that from behind.’ See. You’re dumb. These earrings are great.”

People are so upset when things DON’T get ‘likes’. Likes! And retweets. That’s all anyone is after anymore. People can’t even just enjoy a meal anymore without putting up a picture of it. And I bet it just doesn’t taste as good if people don’t ‘like’ it.

“Oh, man. Nobody likes this filet mignon I ordered. Ah, boy. Excuse me, could you pack this up and then throw it directly into the garbage? It didn’t get ONE like or retweet. I can’t eat it.”

People spend tons of time creating their online persona, too. Is everyone really as busy as they try to make themselves out to be? Is EVERYONE Richard Branson? People are never not on their phone. Never not posting video. Never not tweeting or commenting. Never not texting. Who are you talking to? You hand out menu’s at Denny’s. How the hell can you have this hectic a schedule?

“Oh, god. Sorry. Just got another text from the night manager. She can’t find which page the greek salad is on. I know, right? Page four. I’ve told her so many times. Okay, what were you saying about your cancer? Oh, god. Another text. Now she doesn’t know which page the desserts are on. I swear, this woman. Go on. You’ve got cancer, don’t know how much time you have. I’m listening. Go.”

You can get jobs in the real world based on the amount of followers and friends you have in the online world. Actual jobs. That wouldn’t work the other way around.

“Okay. How many friends do you have?”

“Ummm. I don’t know. Like twenty two?”

Only twenty two? Are you serious? What are you some kind of loser? You touch kids? We can’t have you working here. We need someone with thousands of friends. Millions even!”

“How can someone have millions of friends?”

“I don’t know, kid toucher. You’ll sure as hell never know. Now please leave my office. I have to post to my millions of friends that a creepy kid toucher was just here.”

People on online sites get so angry about other peoples personas and what they put up. Nobody likes anything else anyone is saying.

“I don’t want to see pictures of your kids. I don’t want to hear your thoughts on Syria. I don’t want to see pictures of your food. I don’t care that you like chocolate. I don’t want to be invited to play games. I don’t care about these memes. I don’t want to know you’re dog is doing okay. I don’t care about your relationship status. I don’t want to see pictures of you at the park.”

Then you don’t want to be on facebook! Stop complaining about it and shut it down.

People love the people who created the stuff that allows us to constantly be adding to our online persona’s, too. The late and powerful Jobs. People would dig him up and blow him.

“I sucked it! I sucked the oracles penis! Give me a free iPhone! I sucked it!”

Why? Because he was apart of making something that now you can never put down? Something you’d rather puke than leave your house with?

“But now because of Jobs, my phone does things that it couldn’t before. I can check into places. I can record concerts that I’m at and watch them later which I’ll never do. I can stop talking to the boring piece of trash in front of me and just randomly scroll through things that I don’t even know why I’m scrolling through. It’s amazing!”

It’s amazing that most of us can do whatever we want, but we really just want to waste time seeing what other people are doing online. That’s what most of the online world is about. What is that guy doing? How much money is that girl making? Just dumb, crazy, useless stuff. Our actual personas should be taken more seriously. Who cares what that person is doing? What are YOU doing? Checking your phone and email and other junk? Yeah, they probably are too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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