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Wait For The Person Who Stays

You deserve someone who makes your soul dance. You deserve someone who kisses your forehead goodnight and makes you dream of tomorrow and the day after. You deserve someone who wants to make coffee for you the next morning. Most important, you deserve someone who shows up for themselves and for you.

Believe me when I say you deserve a soul that burns with love for you and lights up your darkest hours. Someone who goes to war beside you and whispers to your ear just how strong and brave you are when you may have forgotten it. You deserve someone that looks you in the eye and sees your beauty, yet is not afraid to see the unpolished in you. Someone who sees your soul and is consumed by the desire of taking care of something so precious. This person who will not be scared of your darkness but will rather use it as a night sky on which to hang stars and trace constellations.

You deserve someone who truly sees you and stays in awe at your wonders, someone whose eyes admire you like they would the views at their favorite museum. I hope you find them. I am sure you will. You will find that someone who will remind you how beautiful you are, someone who will count the days until they see you again because you are their favorite person.

You deserve someone who sparkles in happiness every time they walk by your side. You also deserve to be that person for them and to finally feel the lightness of two souls falling in love.

You deserve someone who stays. Please don’t settle for anything less. Because the right person will hold your hand firmly and embrace your heart with tenderness. The right person will stay after all the lights are gone.

I am an oceanographer that also enjoys reflecting, writing, and yoga.

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