I Know You Love Him, But Does He Love You?

woman sitting in field
Allef Vinicius

So realize this
It is not about your love for him
It’s about his love for you.
You already know how deeply you feel for him
How he possesses every little molecule of your heart
You know that in the tears that singe your pretty face
Every time you fight back the urge to hear his beautiful voice
You know how insanely you love him.

But no, this is not about your love for him
It’s about his love for you.
Does he burn with the same intensity?

Do you look at him like he’s the universe and all its stars and all its oceans and all its planets?
And does he look at you like you’re just pretty?

Do you see the warmth in his eyes that only real love can radiate?

Then why, why are you still here?
Trying so hard
Holding on so tight?

Why can’t you accept that what it was
Is no longer what it is?
Why can’t you just get
That if he truly loved you
He wouldn’t have risked giving it all up
For a night of frolicking
While you desperately prayed that no harm had come to him
And fervently hoped to hear that whiskey-gold voice
Answer your thousandth call. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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