10 Types Of People You Will Encounter At Every Job You’ll Ever Have

1. The Person Who Is Naturally Happy


2. The Person Who Has Worked Hard to Be Happy

You can tell this person has been through some drama but has presently cleaned up their act. He or she may have been a porn star or an alcoholic at one point but is now using this as material for their weekend stand-up routine. Go them!

3. The Person Who Hates Life

Okay, let’s be real, this all of us on certain days. But this person has clearly made pessimism a way of life. They glower at their computer screen, rebuffing any attempts of conversation that may come along. Unless the conversation entails complaining. They love to complain.

4. The Person Who Only Talks About Work

“Hey Charlie, how was your weekend?”
“Oh, it was great. I read so many scripts and finally caught up on all my expense reports.”
Commence snooze fest.

5. The Person Who Can’t Grasp the Concept of #NSFW

“Guess who’s getting laid this weekend?!” they yell, as they make their way to the printer room. Not you, buddy. Not you.

6. The Person Who Is Trying Way Too Hard to Get Promoted

NOTE: This is also usually the person who color codes everything with highlighter. They’re making everyone else look bad by getting all their work done not only on time but before their boss has even asked for it.

7. The Person Who Parties HARD

“Is everything okay?” you ask when you notice them passed out on their desk Monday morning, a faint trace of powder still clinging to their nostrils.

8. The Secretly Funny Person

This person is so quiet you sometimes forget they’re there until POW! They hit you with a one-liner that sends you into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? You wonder and then decide that this person should definitely speak more.

9. The Person Who Thinks They Are Funny

Are they really telling that joke again? Really, again? Not even close to funny the first time.

10. The Michael Scott

This person just desperately wants to be liked despite their strange, irrational behavior. You should be nice to them and maybe even invite them somewhere because chances are they don’t have a lot going on outside of work. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – I Love You, Man

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