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This Time, I’ve Finally Found The One

I’ve found the one

I know you’ve probably heard this before. “I’ve found the one.” But this time it’s true.

How do I know?

Because being with him, I feel whole again. Like my soul has come back to my body, and when he leaves, I take a piece of him with me. I carry his energy wherever I go.

When we’re together, he feels like home. As if I’ve spent my life sailing to his shores and I’ve finally made it safe and sound.

When our eyes meet, words aren’t spoken, and there is no need. His eyes tell a story of a lifetime of adventures, of eternal love and a happily ever after.

But not all is perfect. We have had hard times too, and this is also how I know he’s the one.

We compromise and make sacrifices for one another. Regardless of how big or small our issues are, we fight through them and fight for each other. It’s something I’ve never had before, and I think that’s the hardest part—learning what a healthy relationship is like after leaving a toxic one.

We could be anywhere doing absolutely anything and time stops. There’s no one else in this world but us, defying time.

The most memorable moment we shared was in the middle of an empty showground. He played Unforgettable by Nat King Cole on his phone and we slow danced into the night. My head perfectly nestled into his neck, and his in mine.

I remember the silent tears streaming down my face, only to look up to him and see that he had tears too. We shared a kiss and I could feel myself falling in love with him.

That night was truly unforgettable—thank you, Nat King Cole.

Who could forget the times we tried to leave each other, when the world tried to tear us apart?

Our love was forbidden. Family and friends had disapproved. It seemed that everyone else had a different story written for us. Like Romeo and Juliette, we had to keep our love in secrecy.

Every single time we tried to walk away, the universe seemed to bring us back to each other. There was no running from this. This was no coincidence to our meeting. This was fate.

There’s too much passion between him and I, enough chemistry of the molecules that make up love.

“Like a song of love that clings to me, how the thought of you does things to me, never before has someone been more unforgettable.” – Nat King Cole

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