What We Have Is Love & It Will Always Be Love

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Marija Mandic

It’s amazing really when you find this one person —
the one you never thought would fit quite nicely
in the space of your heart as if it’s meant to be there.
Though as far as you’re concerned,
your heart has always known —
it flew before you even reached the airport;
it danced before you even took the first step forward.
It’s beautiful and it fills you with so much love
that you don’t know whether to burst and how
and where to put your hands
and how to love louder so it echoes in his ears.
And you recall the time he brushed a strand of hair off your face
and it felt like butterfly wings fluttering against your cheeks
and you thought, “stay, stay, stay” because that,
you’ll never get used to that and you hoped you don’t.
Oh you hope you never will.
And you hope he feels the same way too.
You hope you fill him enough because he fills you enough.
Because you love this beautiful boy
who touches your dark parts like they’re light,
who explores you with such curiosity and vigor
that you’re breathless each time he drags his fingers over your skin.
And you kiss him with feelings because words aren’t enough sometimes.
So you’ve learned the language of his touches
and he has learned the definition of your sighs —
you can write a novel on every interaction.
Endless tales on every move of this special dance.
It’s wonderful really when you find this one person.
And sometimes it feels overwhelming, in a good way,
because he’s making you feel all sorts of things,
unraveling all of you in order to know all of you,
memorizing every crook and cranny,
and loving you all the same.
You know this is enough.
You know this boy is enough
because he nuzzles your nose and says you’re beautiful
without knowing that sometimes you don’t agree –
and he’s there, with his smiling eyes and gentle hands,
giving and showing you love the way he knows how.
And you say,
stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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