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My First True Love You’ll Always Be

I see you and suddenly it’s as if no time has passed

With just a smile from you, all our memories replay in my mind

I begin to question it all

Why did it end when it did?

Being in your embrace again feels like home

I can freely speak my mind around you

I know you’ll understand

Hearing you say “I’m proud of you” still sends shivers down my spine

Your acceptance of me and who I’m becoming matters too much to me

In your arms, nothing else matters

I feel like the old me again,

Safe and secure in your company

I inhale the air surrounding us and feel nostalgia take over me

You still smell the same to me, even though you changed your cologne

With each minute with you, I pull you closer to me, our eyes meeting and speaking the words we know we cannot say to one another

I did not expect to crave you in this way

Yet here I am,

In your arms

Four years later, still loving you like I so freely did at the age of 18,

My first true love — you’ll always be

Our memories constantly surrounding me

Seeing you again still makes me weak

Any news I have, I yearn to share with you first

But I don’t — because I can’t

This encounter is not a rekindling of our romance

It’s just a warm hug

It’s a moment of peace amidst the craziness surrounding us

It’s a moment of clarity in an unclear world

It’s just us reigniting our passion for one another

Just for a short while, while you’re home

Our love has not fizzled out

I can tell by the way you kiss me

I can feel it through the way your eyes glance at mine, the art of eye contact beautifully exemplified by us

It’s clear by the way you still are protective over me, even though you claim you no longer care

I acknowledge the way your presence still holds a power over me and probably always will

A power only you will hold

—my first love.

friends is my favorite tv show of all time

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