6 Inexpensive Ways To Make Travel More Affordable

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Twenty20 / jakestrongphotog

Many people assume that travel will always have a high cost associated with it. You may be putting off your dream to explore because you think that it will be too difficult to save up enough money or that travel will make you go in debt. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and with careful planning and hard work, you can make your goals achievable. If you want to see the world without going broke, here are many ways to make travel more affordable.

1. Budget, Budget, Budget

One of the first things you may want to consider is taking the time to evaluate your current spending habits. Many people spend more money than they realize because they don’t take the time to create a budget. Are there costs that you’re overspending on such as fast food, drinks out with friends, or shopping sprees? Now is the perfect time to create a budget and stick to it. Following a set budget can make it possible for you to free up some of your money for travel savings!

2. Get a Job Abroad

Are you open to exploring a new career and living in a new part of the world? Many travel lovers choose to work overseas so that they can experience a new culture and travel to nearby locations. There are many jobs available all over the world. This includes teaching abroad, working as an au pair, working at a hostel, and working for a cruise ship company.

These positions can give you the chance to explore a new place and in many cases, you will get a good bit of time off to travel!

3. Look Into Housesitting Opportunities

Besides flight costs, accommodation can be one of the most pricey expenses when traveling. Some people choose to stay in hostels or stay with a friend, but if that’s not for you, it’s worth looking into housesitting opportunities. You can stay in other people’s homes in exchange for taking care of their home and pets. This is a great option if you’re a big animal lover!

While these positions tend to be very competitive, once you get a gig and have a successful experience, it can be a lot easier for you to continue to do this type of work. This can erase hotel costs which can make your trip much more affordable!

4. Choose A Smarter Credit Card

While it’s a good idea to only charge your credit card if you can pay the expenses off quickly, it’s even smarter to use a credit card that rewards you for your purchases. If you’re not currently getting a lot of points or incentives for using your credit card, it may be a good time to look at travel credit cards. Many companies offer huge sign up bonuses if you spend a certain dollar amount, which you may be able to exchange for a free plane ticket! Make sure that you understand all of the terms, rules, and point redemption rates before signing up.

5. Couch Surf

If you’re really looking to budget for your next trip, you may want to check out Couch Surfing. This is a community of travelers there who enjoy hosting others in their own homes as well as staying in others homes. This is a great way to connect with others and to learn first-hand about new area. Couch surfing is also free, which brings your accommodation costs down to $0.

It’s important to be safe when exploring these types of opportunities, but it can be a great way to trim your travel costs significantly.

6. Freelance Or Telecommute

Many people struggle to find time and money to travel because they’re locked into a 9-5 schedule with their current job. These days, more companies are offering telecommuting positions. This is a worthwhile option to explore if you want to free up your work schedule and possibly work while traveling.

Freelance work is another great option to consider. Many travelers write, do consulting work, or handle graphic design projects while on the road. While it takes time and effort to adjust to the freelance lifestyle, it can allow you to explore your travel dreams.

These are 6 real ways that you can make travel more affordable. If you want to create lasting memories and experience more of the world, take steps to make travel a priority in your life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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