5 Wonderful Things About July 4th That Make It The Most Nostalgic Summer Holiday

5 Wonderful Things About July 4th That Make It The Most Nostalgic Summer Holiday

Fourth of July is the celebration of America’s independence from Great Britain in 1776. As soon as Thomas Jefferson and the rest of his posse signed the Declaration of Independence, all of America celebrated with fireworks, American flag bikinis, and beer while simultaneously screaming, “’Murica, f**k yeah!”. Ok, that’s not how it really went down, but at present day, that’s pretty much how it is celebrated.

Still, there is a deeper meaning to this event. Growing up, almost every American child would watch (or cower from) the fireworks with their family and in some cases, even light their own. Can we also talk about the barbeque and the nonstop eating all day? You didn’t care if you dropped a couple ribs on your all white, Old Navy shirt with the year on it because hey, your mom probably bought it for you. Not to mention, your metabolism was hella faster and the word “diet” was nonexistent in your lexicon.

Fourth of July kicks the other summer holidays asses when it comes to that bittersweet, “I want to go back to the past but not really because I can drink and do other cool adult stuff” feeling. Just try to remember this in between getting star spangled hammered with jello shots and American flag themed cans of Bud. Smack dab in the middle of summer, between calm June and brutally hot August, the Fourth of July is always a holiday to remember. Here are the reasons why Fourth of July is winning in the summer nostalgia holiday category.

1. The Fireworks

Remember as a kid how excited you used to get with fireworks? The same feeling applies now, but let’s be honest- you’re probably more excited about fireworks in the bedroom. To feel like a kid again, rekindle these lights to feel all warm and fuzzy again. But not in your pants, of course.

2. The History

As mentioned before with Jefferson and his crew, there is deep history rooted in this event. So, because of this, it is as nostalgic as it can get. And nothing says nostalgia like powdered wigs, the absence of modern technology and women not being able to vote.

3. The Food

Holidays help us embrace the inner sham in all of us, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Barbeque and popsicles are traditional summer treats, even if those popsicles are filled with liquor now. As an adult, you can create new memories on Fourth of July, but this time, you’re more prone to not remembering them. And that’s ok, because red, white and blue jello shots are just too damn good to turn down. #TreatYoSelf

4. The Heat

Remember as a kid how after enduring a ridiculous amount of heat and dirty looks from your parents from complaining so much that you just said, “screw it” and jumped into your neighbor’s pool? Tap into that feeling this Fourth of July instead of daintily dabbing yourself with a flag themed napkin. Just do it. Obviously, you want to take your phone out of your pocket but hell, there is no other holiday where this is remotely acceptable. Who jumps in the pool during Christmas, anyway?

5. Of Course, Your Friends

This is a given. Whether you are partying with childhood friends or spending time with new ones, you will be creating memories nonetheless. Then, when you are hungover and sleeping next to an empty box of Hot Pockets on Sunday, July 5, you can look back nostalgically and say, “I wish I was back.” While the cause may be to hydrate more or laugh again with your pals, one thing is for certain: there is nothing more nostalgic than the Fourth of July holiday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark