5 Things You Need To Know About The Office Bitch Who’s Constantly Giving You Hell At Work

Clayton Rohner
Clayton Rohner

We all have that bitch in the office. You know the type – the one who makes Regina George look like a saint and gives women the terrible reputation they have for working together in a professional environment. The one who makes you look like a fool and will stop at nothing to make herself succeed or look the best.

The problem is that the Work Bitch is not easily distinguishable because she comes in so many forms. She can be donning all black with combat boots and piercings, or she can be dressed head to toe in designer labels with way too much makeup and her boobs pushed high up.

1. Cut That Sh*t From Early On.

She will try to act like your friend. Inviting you to dance classes, gleefully bragging to coworkers about your time spent out of work together, giving backhanded compliments and selling you designer clothes, the Work Bitch will try to get on your good side.

Don’t be fooled: she has no good intentions for you. She is acting as such so when she does insult you or stab you in the back, you think twice about it because it seems like she is your friend.

But she’s not, and wants nothing more than to see you fall. She will insult you under the false pretense that she is helping you.

Cut sh*t short with her from the very beginning, and politely turn down requests to hang outside of work.

Remember, it may be difficult to see that she is the Work Bitch initially, so keep your guard up. Trust your gut- if something seems off, it most likely is.

2. She’s Trickier Than You Think

To an extent, you can’t outsmart the office bitch. It’s not for a lack of competence on your end, or simple intelligence for that matter.

It’s because the office bitch is prepared. She’s done this before, and she’s do it again. And again. And again. She knows exactly how to lie and cover up for herself, and even has a backup plan when her initial back up plan doesn’t work.

The best thing to do in this scenario is simply to observe. Don’t try to outwit the Work Bitch unless you are fully equipped and experienced to do so, grasshopper. And, most importantly, don’t ever reveal any personal details about yourself outside of work. Personal details, no matter how minute, are your weak spot, and will be used against you.

3. Don’t Fight Back.

If you fight back, the Work Bitch will only fight back harder, because that’s all she knows how to do. What’s worse is if she has seniority over you she’ll have the boss wrapped around her malicious, manicured nail.

She may even run to the boss and tell her side of the story, making you look like the bad guy. She will even act extra nice to you during meetings and in public so that your supervisor and boss side with her and ask you to get along with her.

To avoid all this, let the petty Work Bitch argue all she wants and simply ignore her, getting your work done. You don’t have time for her dumb sh*t, anyway.

4. You Must Document Everything.

Keep all correspondences via email to avoid the whole “she said this” scenario. If she insists on doing something verbally, persist by saying you need it in an email for your organizational purposes, or an excuse to that effect. This way, if she tries to jeopardize your work or throw you under the bus, you have hard core evidence suggesting something other than what she says.

Plus, it’ll make you look more professional.

5. She’s Insecure.

This may come as a surprise to those that deem their Work Bitch as a hard, cold person, but it’s the truth. The Work Bitch is being a bitch to you because she sees you as a threat. Whether it’s your intelligence and contributions in meetings or your friendliness and popularity in the other departments, you should feel proud of yourself.

The Work Bitch wants what she doesn’t naturally have. TC mark


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