The C Word Is The New F Word

With the desensitized society we are currently living in, we barely bat an eye at the curse words uttered, screamed and shouted from our lips. Bitch, shit, ass, we’ve heard and said it all. Hell, say the word “fuck” and no one even bats an eye. It somewhat detracts from the excitement when you think about it. But, alas, there is one word that can still cause a cringe and a sense of feeling flabbergasted when stated.


Even reading it makes you appalled, huh? Call a girl a bitch and it’s almost a term of endearment. Call her a cunt and well, you “crossed the line”, it was “unnecessary” and “downright vulgar”.

This brings me to the point I’m trying to convey: the F word lost its power. The C word is now the F word.

Think about it – how many times have you heard the word “fuck” in songs, kids singing those songs, from men in well-dressed business suits and even ladies adorned in pearls and classic pumps? Pretty fucking often, huh? The C word, on the other hand, is possibly reserved more for “special” occasions, like when you’ve reached that brink, when shouting the F word no longer gives you that dirty satisfaction or when you really, REALLY want to affect someone verbally. The C word is harsher, lingers in the air longer and is way more taboo.

But it’s ironic, really. The actual object of the C word, something so delicate and feminine, has the power to turn heads so fast that necks ache, can astonish even the most vulgar of mouths and might even stop traffic. The F word linguistically represents a larger variety of usage in a noun, a verb, an adverb, an adjective. The word “fuck” has its own fucking entity. Because the C word hasn’t reached that linguistic level yet, we are not desensitized to it. On the other side of the cursing spectrum, the F word is used so often in as many aspects as possible that it’s become common language.

Perhaps we need to give curse words back their power, give a bit of mystique in our everyday dialogue. Vulgarity will be almost nonexistent with everyone cursing and where’s the fun in that? Cursing will be less of a release, less of a stress reliever and we all need that. So let’s not all be fucking cunts and give curse words their power back. Your grandma will be proud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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