5 Reasons Cancers Make The Best Roommates Ever

In between feisty Gemini and in-your-face Leo is a more quite, mellow astrological sign. This is none other than Cancer, the crustacean out of all the Zodiac animals.

The Cancer, whose birthday falls from June 21-July 22, is loyal and sensitive but tenacious and moody. Because their emotions change so quickly and unpredictably, people born under the crab sign may seem, well, crabby, but like the actual crab itself, there is much more that meets the eye under that hard exterior.

Being fiercely protective and defensive over loved ones, you need a Cancer in your life, on your side and definitely under the same roof. And although the date for these crustaceans’ birthdays just passed, it’s never too late to room with this horoscope sign. Here are five reasons why a Cancer will make the best roommate you’ll ever have:

1. Cancers are domesticated as hell.

You may think that being motherly is boring and suffocating, but not with Cancers. Those born under this sign are considered maternal and domesticated, which are two traits perfect for the ideal roommate. Because Cancers are notorious homebodies, they are bound to keep living quarters comfortable and cozy. Not to mention, domesticated = home cooked meals every night. Need I say more?

2. They are notoriously nostalgic.

Ariel the Disney princess might as well have been a Cancer. Not only was she clearly a water baby, but that bitch had caverns teeming with various knick knacks and tchotchkes. Talk about a perfect candidate for the TV show Hoarders. And while your Cancer roommate is known for being empathetic enough to understand your needs and respect you enough to not bring their collection of paper clips and rusty dinglehoppers to common areas, they do have pretty some sweet antique items.

Because Cancers are known for loving tradition and holding on to items of the past, they are bound to have some cool decorations to use on display that can’t be found anywhere else. Here’s a bonus: they’re also very creative. Who needs Etsy when you have a Cancer roommate?

3. A Cancer roommate will be extremely loyal; they will never bail on rent.

Remember that time your old roommate left you high and dry with dirty dishes in the sink and all the rent to yourself? A Cancer roommate will never do that.

Known for being fiercely loyal and dependable, Cancers will stick it out until the end. That is, of course, until you piss them off enough. The motto is this: don’t take advantage of a Cancer, and you’ll be in the clear.

4. The most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancers will understand you.

If you had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, a Cancer roommate is the one you want to turn to. Sensitive and empathetic, they will not only be aware of how you want to be treated, but be well equipped with a bottle of wine and a shoulder to cry on when things go to shit.

Cancers make terrific listeners and will give you the best advice you will ever have in that very moment. It’s similar to how your mom used to console you when you cried when you were little, except with copious amounts of alcohol.

5. Your apartment will be drama free.

Usually one to take the path of least resistance, Cancers are never one to start or ignite a fight. In most cases, they will own up to what they did wrong or let the opposing side win (unless, of course, you are fighting against their friends or family). Cancers hate conflict and are the first to usually break up a fight.

A Cancer roommate will be a great mediator between you and your roommate when you’re arguing, as they will allow you both to understand where the opposing party is coming from. Emotional and intuitive, playing Devil’s advocate is a Cancerian specialty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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