Let’s Be Thankful For This Life We’re Living

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Tiko Giorgadze

A distant relative of mine suddenly collapsed while mowing the lawn.

Let’s be grateful for today because tomorrow might never happen.

Five years ago I was a confused teenager trying out adulthood and wanting to go back to being a little kid. Today I am proud to be where I am, however long it took me.

Let’s be grateful for today because we’ve worked hard to get where we are, we are goddamn warriors.

I know my future. I can feel it stepping on my toes today. And I also know it will bring as much sunshine as it brings rain.

Let’s be grateful for today because we never know what awaits us.

I’ve been through an immeasurable pain, pain that should have broken my spirit, my bones and my soul for the eternal life.

Let’s be grateful for today because we have all been through so much and still made it out.

I’m bruised, I’m restless, and I am constantly being drained. But I still breathe the air. However painful it is, I exist on this blue ball of dust, hanging amongst the starts and other undiscovered balls.

Let’s be grateful we are here to fight another day.

I rarely have food because I eat at work. I barely even have kitchen at the house I live in. And tonight I have the privilege to be back at my parents’ home and be able to cook and to eat the delicious delights my mom makes.

Let’s be grateful for the food on our plates.

A couple of months back I was fired from a job and I had to get out of my apartment the same day. I lived in Germany alone. I was thrown out for no real reason and I had nowhere to go. The only person I knew I could count on lived two hours away in Zurich, Switzerland. He was kind enough to let me stay in his place for a month.

Let’s be grateful for the beds we sleep in.

I have two young parents and one grandma left. My dad had lost his parents a while ago and my grandpa on my mom’s side died eleven years ago. A lot of people around the world don’t have the luxury of having parents, a friend who can understand them and be there for them.

Let’s be grateful for friends and family.

I have depression that comes and goes. I have had panic attacks, anxiety attacks. I wanted to kill myself multiple times when I was a little girl. I still have anxiety following me around every day; I have to deal with sadness over everything and about anything every single day. I have to face myself every time. I feel useless. I am taking place on the planet, the place someone would have had a better use for. I’ve learned how to manage my condition and how to lead a seemingly normal life in a seemingly normal world.

Let’s be grateful for hardships and obstacles, otherwise we would never learn and never cherish what we’ve accomplished so far.

Unfortunately for me, most of my favorite people are usually thousand miles away. But since it is a 21st century I can connect anytime and support my loved ones. Sometimes a miracle happens, and instead of hatred from people on the web, I get a warm welcome, a thank you letter, caring comment or a mere greeting. Sometimes I “meet” kind people out there in the black hole on Internet and sometimes I believe there is good in this world.

Let’s be grateful for everyday possibility for connection; you never know what an amazing human you’ll meet around the corner or on the worldwide web.

I live on the island surrounded by a lake. I walked this path the other day and the colors were so intense, so warm and so mesmerizing that it almost felt like a fairytale. The sound of my feet rushing through leaves got me almost as high as a smell of a new book. I didn’t need anything as long as I could see the beauty this world could offer.

Let’s be grateful for eyesight.

In the age of Internet you can educate yourself online; you can create an empire and sell it the next day; you can learn to code in a month; learn Chinese; catch a bus to Spain; travel the world for not much money at all; help the world; volunteer in Chile; be an entrepreneur; create videos; be an influencer. Today we can be all we want and even create a real career out of it. Today we can do anything.

Let’s be grateful for unlimited possibilities and big dreams.

My heart has been through hell and back. I tread lightly when it comes to it. It is the experience I would never take back. I had it for a reason. It’s a 7 billion student school. The school with no grades, the school where teachers won’t punish you for not doing your homework. If you don’t get the lesson, the experience repeats itself. Be prepared for the most important lessons. Listen and pay attention, life is a school. And this where you want to be successful.

Let’s be grateful for the pain we’ve endured and the lessons we learned from it.

If it hasn’t been for my past relationships I wouldn’t be where I am right now. It has taught me more than I could ever learn by myself, even though I was aware of the problems at hand. I was shown my brokenness, I was shown my insecurities once again, and I was shown how I hated myself. It was high time to stand up and say that I deserve more and that I am more than a play thing in the hands of an immature male.

Let’s be grateful for heartbreak.

If it wasn’t for my last love affair, I would have never known that it all could be different. I wouldn’t know someone could treat me like a princess, I wouldn’t know how strong the pull could be and how earth-shattering it could be to let someone you love go.

Let’s be grateful for love, even if it’s a fight, a struggle, a constant war and peace. It is there for a reason, as we all are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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