27 Life Lessons We Should Embrace Today

Jean Gerber

1. Go and fail at life. As my friend said today: “If we knew how to do everything, there would be no point being here.” We currently undergoing training. I think same applies to everything. We come to this world knowing nothing and end up knowing even less, but somewhere in the middle we figure out things for ourselves, we deal with our problems by trying over and over again, we stumble, we fall, and get up and persevere.

2. Stay alone. If it suits you, if it helps you, if your goals set you apart from the crowd. But be careful not to shut people out.

3. Cease all the useless chit-chat. You don’t need everybody to know about your goals. Keep it to yourself. No need to shout out to everybody that you’re going to lose that weight by summer or write a book in a month. Just do it. Let them be in awe when it’s a done deal.

4. Let there be no excuses. But we all love those. “I was up all night texting, I couldn’t wake up before work to exercise.” Who are you telling this to? Your body? Your adamant spirit? You let them all down. They deserve a better you.

5. Try to beat a person who never gives up. Nothing worth having comes easy. Sweat and work hard. It will change your life.

6. Be a leader. “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.” Not all of us can be mentors or can lead in any way. But maybe there is a wolf inside you, one you’ve been hiding your whole life. Maybe you’re more than an ordinary sheep; somewhere there’s an alpha behind the curtains. Give him or her a chance.

7. Remember that life is about appreciating where you are. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” Are you gonna wait for the storm to pass, for him/her to realize how much they really love you, for life to get better, for the right moment, for the right place and time? That’s just another excuse. You’re killing your life with this mindset. Life was meant to be lived every day.

8. The change happens once you step out of your comfort zone. This is my personal favorite. There’s nothing better than the OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, because as everybody says these days – that’s where the magic happens. Indeed it does. Once in awhile, you come back bruised and damaged. But it is worth a try. Go find your magic.

9. Stop complaining. Complaining makes you look weak and whiny. Do it or don’t do it – your choice. But lamenting about your problems just make you look unprofessional and not up to the task.

10. Remember: the goal is to prove them wrong. If there has been anyone who belittled you, who made you feel inferior, suck it up and prove them they ain’t nothing. You are something. If there’s no “them” – do you. Prove it to yourself. Prove that you can do it. Show the results.

11. The lessons life gives you along the way do not define you. 99% of what happens in your life usually won’t matter in the long run. Choose wisely what you let get to you. Stop caring about a mistake you made at work or the C you got at school, it won’t kill you and it won’t matter in 10 years. The day you stop caring is the day when sun shines brighter and the sky is more blue.

12. Mindset is everything. Someone said: “If you think you can do it – you can, if you think you can’t do it – you are also right.” Prepare yourself for greatness. Kill your day. Crush your goals. Give it everything you’ve got.

13. Great things happen when you believe they can happen. Are you one of those people who dream of greatness and achieving the proverbial “impossible”? Do you think you can do it? BELIEVE you can. Believe you were born to achieve great things.

14. Go out. Nothing happens in 4 walls, except the thrill of a new “Scandal” episode, and “Nashville”, “Arrow”, “This is Us”…Wait. What day is it today? Get the heck out. Get lost. Kiss a stranger (maybe not). Take a chance and live passionately, before the time runs out.

15. You aren’t limited by other people’s perception of you. There are a few people you care about. Maybe more. But the expectations they put on you isn’t your problem, it’s theirs. Don’t let them limit you.

16. Celebrate the ‘unhappy’ moments and make them turn into good ones. “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards,” – said Vladimir Nabokov. And indeed it is. Don’t blame weather. Enjoy the life you’ve been given. The best moments of my life happened under the rain: I met my boyfriend “under a cloud.” I made him run in the rain to the Chinese garden in Zurich instead of waiting it out, and we ran from the lake to the tram stop, stopped on someone’s porch and kissed ever so sweetly. And the conclusion: I was happy. Tip: go make out in the rain.

17. Open your eyes. Where one person sees a problem, try and see an opportunity. Because there is always one. An opportunity to get better. A kick in the ass as an opportunity to finally speak your truth. An opportunity to improve. To see your faults and eradicate them forever. Seek and you shall find.

18. Remember that obstacles are natural. It’s the way it is. Otherwise, what would we be doing? How would we progress? The attitude towards the hardship will determine how much you want it.

19. Fight against the norm. “Go with the flow.” I never liked this expression. What does it even mean? Do nothing and go with everything that comes your way? What life is that? But then I’ve stumbled into this other quote: “Only dead fish goes with the flow.” EXACTLY. Are you dead? Would you take all the crap from your friends? Your boyfriend? Would you let people bully you, beat you, diminish you? Or would you stand up for yourself? Would you speak your mind? Would you go there and take what you deserve? Are you a dead fish?

20. Hard work pays off. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but keep at it and it will make sense one day.

21. Make sure you know who you are. Who are you? Do you know? Because I don’t. Nope. No clue. Forget your daily routine and think deep: what makes you happy?

22. You know you deserve it, when you’ve worked hard for it. Do you feel differently about things that come easy to you and the things that make you break a sweat? I have a reason to believe that things that come easy usually aren’t worth it, be it relationships, a thesis on rocks, writing books. Moreover, the most complicated people are as challenging as they are gratifying. See No.5

23. Success is the only option. However failure is important for the process (See No.1), believe. You’re bound to succeed in the end.

24. What someone thinks of you is none of your business. Would you rather waste time extracting someone’s brains out to find out what is that they think of you? You have your life to worry about. Get off your ass and pursue your passion. Work harder, when nobody’s watching. You’re not doing it for the audience, you’re doing it for yourself.

25. Perceive other’s opinions as white noise. It is there for no reason whatsoever, it would be a waste of time to listen to it. They can judge all they want. You don’t need to make them understand you. Stick with your thing.

26. Acknowledge your effort. Be proud of the work done and the hindrances overcome. But don’t get comfortable. Perfection is a fictitious idea. Although, there is always a room for improvement.

27. Remember this: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt. Ditto. You are better than whatever you think of yourself. Ignore people who say otherwise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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