13 Positive Things You Need To Be Reminded Of As You Head Into The New Year

Abigail Keenan
Abigail Keenan

1. Don’t force it. Any of it. Be it friendships, relationships, perfect ponytails, life, people to be in your life, to write you, to understand you, to respond with respect. If they don’t want to do that in the first place, you will only hurt yourself by trying to make it work. It won’t. And you are better off.

2. Run away if you want. It’s ok. Really. It is a OK. I’ve been running away since I can remember. It comes to a halt at some point. But if you want to run, run. Don’t let anyone stop you. You’ll find yourself somewhere on the road, like Kerouac. Or you won’t. Nobody knows.

3. Don’t chase people. If they want to stay in your life, they will. Don’t beg them to stay. Wish them well and let go. Though sometimes you should fight for what you want, a lot of those times you better let go. They will come back if it’s kismet.

4. Know that everything changes. No-brainer. Feelings change. People change. Your self-worth changes. Your points of view change as well. Give it time and see how it goes. You might change.

5. Know that there is a blessing in every failure. You just don’t know it yet. Failure is always a stinking disguise for something more. Be it a lesson, a better opportunity, an obstacle to see how much you want it, a masochistic device to get you in the mood for more. Don’t make it negative. No need to curse or imprecate your offender. Bear with it.

6. Celebrate the small things. Do something small today that will lead you to a better life tomorrow. Make breakfast in bed. Pick up the book your girlfriend wants so much. Take him by surprise. Leave a cute note on the fridge.

7. Trust your gut. Or don’t. Depends on how dependable your gut is.

8. Say what you want. Don’t ever start a sentence with “I don’t want…” or “I hate when you…”, “I’d rather you didn’t…” The more you say that the more it’ll stick with you. Express your needs. Not what you’d hate to have.

9. Find your true self. It might be on the other continent, it might be in the woods with no cell reception. It might be in marketing, researching, or being the hot-shot CEO of your own company. Go and find it.

10. Your journey is yours and yours only. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself. How are you better today? What changed in the last year? Are you the person you want to be? Or have you been very naughty this year?))

11. Let more good things into your life. Think good thoughts. Read good books, have a cup of coffee or tea and chat with your colleague. Love. Build strong and lasting friendships, be adamant, be better. Be yourself.

12. Learn. “Live and learn” as they say. You’ll go through heartbreak, depression, low self-esteem, you’ll loose people you love or lost already, you’ll be in a rut so many times you’d think that’s the place to be. But you’ll get to the other side and enjoy the rays of sunshine, it will all pass and life will be bright and full of promise. Until the next thing happens. You have what it takes to resolve anything that falls on your lap.

13. Know that you will be fine. It is painful to live sometimes; life isn’t worth getting out of the bed every so often. Once in a while life is shit. And once upon a time there was a fairy-tale and they supposedly lived happily ever after, maybe you can as well? Maybe we all can. With occasional grinds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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