9 Quarter-Life Crises That Are Actually Blessings In Disguise

Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen

Have you caught yourself googling Quarter Life Crisis, Getting Through Your Twenties, or simply scrolling on your Facebook newsfeed to compare your anxiety-filled life with the seemingly amazing life of all your happy pappy peers? If so, you have nothing to fear. It’s a completely normal experience to go through, and even more than that, you can always find something positive to come out of it. Here are nine issues or worries we all face in our twenties that are actually blessings in disguise.

Blessing #1: Lacking the dollar bills.

Why it’s a blessing: 

  • Unless you have a trust fund, you will always be learning how to spend wisely and budget out your finances. Practice now!
  • Your loans are hauntingly heavy, but they will always be there until they aren’t anymore. But paying your student loans on time will at least boost your credit. This will help down the line in getting approved for your dream car, house, and job.
  • Even saving as little as $50 a month, over a period of five years, will lead to $3,000! Get creative!

Blessing #2: Metabolism crash.

Why it’s a blessing:

  • Find an exercise ritual that you can maintain for life. If yoga isn’t for you, try rock climbing. If jogging isn’t for you, try a salsa class. As Madonna says, “You can keep a car in the garage and let it rust or you can take it out for a ride.”
  • What you put in your body is fuel for your passions. Learn fun ways to cook simple and healthy meals for the week. Learn now so you can be a healthier you in the future.

Blessing #3: Entry level and/or “survival” jobs.

Why they’re a blessing:

  • You aren’t an executive with a whole team underneath you. THANK GOODNESS. Now is the time to be selfish. Take as many classes as you can in anything – cooking, social media, Spanish, fencing, etc. How cool to say you are a guitar playing, website coding, tumbling master?
  • Dabble in your interests now rather than later. As that executive, you won’t have time to take off to travel Europe to go find yourself. These are the years to take advantage of it.

Blessing #4: TV binges.

Why they’re a blessing:

  • TV binges are not necessarily healthy, but are at times very needed. Take time to rest your pretty little head guilt-free.
  • We all love stories: Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black. We get sucked into a character’s trials and tribulations, and it’s a great way to make us feel less alone. Let your TV idols inspire you to face your fears in the real world.

Blessing #5: Experiencing loss.

Why it’s a blessing:

  • This is the hardest one to flip into a positive. It sucks. There is no way around it. Death and loss are a part of creation and we must not fight these things, but embrace them. We must love those closest to us with all our hearts because you never know when there will be a change in the winds. It’s now or never.
  • Practice your faith. Whatever your faith may be, make sure it has a healing aspect to it. Without faith, you simply cannot move forward in any aspect of your life. Now is the time for your own personal spiritual practice.

Blessing #6: Being lost.

Why it’s a blessing:

  • You may feel like you have no purpose, BUT YOU DO! You are you and being lost simply means you are metamorphosing into someone you are truly meant to become. Wander a little, you might like where you end up more than where you thought you would end up.
  • “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Blessing #7: Relationship screw ups.

Why they’re a blessing:

  • If you are in a relationship: Learn the right way to fight. Practice loving each other through the good times and the bad. There will be plenty of both.
  • If you are single: DATE AROUND. This will help you find the love of your life, because you will know what you like and what you do not like. Previous relationship experience helps you truly find someone whose values more closely pair with yours for lasting companionship.

Blessing #8: Toxic friends.

Why they’re a blessing:

  • If your BFF from high school or college peaces out, it’s upsetting, but you’ll be okay. We all grow and change. It is NOT okay for them to be toxic and hinder your life or your self-esteem. Take the higher road and choose friends who will reflect your values and companionship.
  • If you BFF moves away, practice staying in touch with cards, travel to a new state to see them, or actually pick up the phone (GASP!).
  • Learn to build your army for life. Engage with friends and family that build you up instead of pull you down. This is essential when doo-doo hits the fan later down the road.

Blessing #9: Change.

Why it’s a blessing:

All in all, life is full of changes. “Can I handle the seasons of my life?” as good ol’ Stevie Knicks would say. You will wish you were younger, you will wish you were older, you will wish things were better, you will wish you had more money…you will wish and wish and wish. However, don’t wish, start living. Cliché, but only through practicing the ebbs and flows of your twenties will you be prepared for the future of non-twenties. When life hands you lemons, bite into them, taste how sour they are, learn from that…and then make a kick-ass lemonade vodka tonic concoction. Delicious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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