Wonderful Things About Random Encounters With Strangers We Should All Appreciate (Instead Of Being Weirded Out By Them)

Viktor Forgacs

1. You’re leaving the grocery store, tightly gripping all your bags at once, walking fast to the car to make it in time before the bags break or you drop something. Someone notices you struggling and politely asks if you need any help. I experienced this the other day. That perfect, unplanned interruption was what I desperately needed. It lifted my mood for the entire day. To know that in a busy world there are people who can evoke the calm in any moment is a magical feeling. People you don’t even know are willing to show love and that is great.

2. Maybe you connect with a stranger on a mutual interest. You share your thoughts. They build on what you’re saying. You both feel a purpose. It’s like you see fire in their eyes and immediately they ignite a fire in your heart. That’s when you know they are your people. Whether it’s exchanging jokes or complaints, it unexpectedly brings people together. Every random encounter happens for a reason.

3. They don’t know you personally, so you connect on a clean slate. They don’t know your life story, only what they see and feel from your existence right there and then. You don’t need their validation nor do you need their acceptance. You’re so caught up with the crowd you’re used to that you think the world sucks, but you haven’t even experienced it yet. What’s the harm in complimenting someone’s eyes or picking up a mother’s notepad she dropped because both her hands are full, holding her babies. Where you see urgency, initiate assistance.

4. Be open minded to the world around you. Take note of your surroundings. It’s a small word and you never know who you’ll come across. Short, casual interactions enable you to realise the world isn’t as scary as it seems. These interactions are in fact gateways and exposures to the real world you’re shut off from. Don’t read between the lines, read outside the lines. Be bold. Be the energy you fight for. With new faces comes a fresh outlook and spirit that you’re about to be introduced to.

5. It can teach you a lesson. Yes, some people aren’t as approachable as others. Or maybe they’re just having a bad day. Realistically, we’re only human. You can learn more about yourself though- if someone’s dismissive facial expressions don’t sit right with you, you can choose not to give out that same impression to others. It’s one act of gentleness that can influence another. People don’t realise how easy it is to cause a chain reaction. There are people who are just like you, but you’ll never know if you don’t speak to the unfamiliar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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