It’s Okay To Feel Everything All At Once

Larm Rmah

It’s okay to feel more deeply than others.

It’s okay if you feel so intensely you think you’re going insane.

You’re not.

Your soul is what’s missing in this society of blank citizens.

It’s not that you feel too much, it’s that people have become ignorant to emotions, real emotions.

This is the wrong generation for people with good hearts.

Now is the perfect time to tell someone you love them.

Don’t hold back.

Don’t think you’re being too much. You’re not.

You shouldn’t have to be a watered-down version of yourself for other people.

Tell them how much happiness they bring into your life.

Tell them why they’re your first thought in the morning and last thought before bed.

Tell them you appreciate their sense of humour, their ability to talk for hours of their favourite TV show.

Tell them how you long to be leg tied into each other.

Don’t hesitate to tell them you’re grateful for their existence in your life.

Whether it be a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, soulmate, sister, tell them.

Be vocal with your feelings, not ashamed.

Because life isn’t a game of who can care less.

If they can’t handle it, they don’t approach life through your channel.

But that’s okay.

You deserve someone as thoughtful and protective as you are.

Because you protect what you have knowing they are pristine as gold.

And they should fill up your tank when all your love is gifted to them and your fuel is running low.

It’s okay to feel everything at once.

It’s okay to lose your train of thought in their eyes.

And you deserve the same back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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