Here’s To The Freedom Of Being Unapologetically Yourself

Just remember to be yourself.

The raw, beautiful and strong you. Never lose that spark that makes you unique. No one else is even remotely like you, and never will be. Make sure to maintain that originality and use it to your advantage.

Be yourself regardless of what others say. They just want to contain you, place a label on you, and ignore your voice. Don’t let them. Be as loud as you want, and express your opinions with confidence.

Have the courage to be yourself even in the darkest of times. When it feels as if the best option is to fit in and blend in with everyone else, don’t. The best gift you’ve been given is your thinking mind and you must use it without questioning yourself. Be assertive when you disagree with people, and don’t let them tell you to keep quiet and nod in agreement.

Express yourself in all the ways you want. Wear colorful and joyful sweaters, listen to that one song that always makes you want to dance, and eat whatever you want. Be yourself around everyone, because only then you will start attracting the right type of people.

Surround yourself with happiness, intelligence, and openness. Soak in the knowledge of others but don’t compromise your own. Find the balance between maintaining your own thoughts and accepting other people’s opinions as valid. Be kind, not dismissive.

Be unapologetically yourself. Every day. Every minute. Every second. Kind people will gravitate towards you and enrich your world. You will be surrounded by warmth and support.

Don’t await permission to be your true self. You don’t need anyone to allow you to live your life the way you want to. No one can force you not to be who you are, and if they try, never yield. You have the right to be your unfiltered self. On every occasion.

Be yourself and be insanely courageous in order to pursue your dreams. The exhilarating feeling that comes with it will leave you breathless. Only then will you truly understand the meaning of uniqueness. You will be remembered for it.

If being yourself doesn’t come easily for you yet, remember that it takes time. The time to understand that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. The time to understand that life is too short not to become your authentic self. The time to understand the sense of relief that comes with being yourself and free.

And once you get there, you will never be the same.

Writer. Photographer. Dreamer.

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