Once You Reach Rock Bottom, There’s Nowhere To Go But Up

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Depression sinks into you like an anchor. It weighs down on your shoulders relentlessly, dragging you down deeper and deeper into misery and emptiness.

You desperately gasp for peace of mind, if only for a few seconds. With every gasp for air you are faced with the unavoidable reality that you are stuck in this dark hopeless pit.

Do not worry though, soon enough you become comfortable with your new home and forget that sanity and happiness ever existed. Yes, it is painful. Yes, it drains your energy, your spirit, your desires.

But this is now your home and this is who you are. All you know now is constant sadness and unwillingness to exist. A life of anything but this is unimaginable.

However, there will come a time, and there is no telling when this time will come. This will be the time that you become tired of your dark pit. You will realize that you cannot simply go on living life like this. It is much too painful, much to heavy.

You will realize that it is no longer the answer to simply gasp for moments of happiness and peace of mind. This is the moment when in the depths of your despair you see two, and only two options: to end your life or to change.

But change is scary. What is required is a commitment to climb out of this pit that has been home for so long.

Once you have reached rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up.

Sure, recovering from depression is no easy task. The journey up is not a one-time trip. On the contrary. It requires patience and the acceptance that for every amount of progress you make, there will be setbacks. Sometimes even enormous setbacks.

Your progress will not be visible within a few days, or even weeks. You will see it after months. You will see that for every few days of sadness, you will be overcome with hours, maybe days of peace.

Eventually, you will find that for every couple of good days, you will have your bad days. And in this progress, however slow it may be, you will find the strength to continue on your journey to recovery.

With every step towards recovery, you will uncover the beauty of life that you had once forgotten while you were in your hopeless pit. You will even come to appreciate parts of life simply because you could not experience them during depression.

And as you make your way towards recovery, you will occasionally look back to your life in that dark, hopeless hole. You will shed a tear, maybe many, because your life in that hole, as miserable as it was, has gifted you with an incredible gift, a gift of being incredibly humbled by the beauty of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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