You Deserve Happiness

Andrej Villa
Andrej Villa

I’m a strong believer of the cliché quote, “everything happens for a reason.” People come in and out of your life for a reason. Everyone deserves to experience being loved by someone special. Even if they aren’t meant to stay forever they shape your future in so many ways. Unfortunately, the hardest part about love is the devastation that comes along with it. I could lie and say that getting over someone takes time and patience but that’s just bullshit. The only way you will ever get over someone is when you start to fully love yourself. In relationship, it is all about balance and selflessness. You learn to care for another being and hopefully you are cared for in return. But when you put all your effort into caring and loving for the other person you start losing love for yourself. I never considered myself to be insecure until I entered a relationship. You’d think the exact opposite because relationships are supposed to bring you complete bliss but in some cases that is the exact opposite.

It might have been a lapse of judgment with my particular significant other but when a person starts to affect your emotions in a negative way it is time to call it quits. Even if there is an abundance of love between the two of you, love is most definitely not enough. A pivotal moment in any relationship is when the happiness starts to dissipate. I’m not saying that if you have sad moments or arguments the relationship is destined for failure but if the bad times out weigh the good you might need to reconsider things. Personally, I realized it wasn’t my significant other that was causing my unhappiness but he also wasn’t helping in anyway. If anyone is holding you back from being happy they are not people you want in your life. EVERYONE deserves happiness! Period. If you are not happy with something or someone, change it or if you can fix it. Life is too short to be sad and unhappy. I believe everyone has the power to find positivity and create his or her “perfect” life. And this is coming from a girl who has dealt with her fair share of tragedies.

Basically what I’m saying is at the end of the day if you are in a loving relationship but there is no happiness left, you deserve happiness. Yes, love is amazing but there will be many more opportunities to love. But you do not get back the time you spent depressed, or upset about something that you can change. It is not easy to end a relationship. It’s terrible to experience heartbreak but I can promise you that staying in an unhappy relationship will be much worse. One day you will find someone that loves you, cares about you, puts in effort, treats you with respect, and makes you HAPPY. And that isn’t asking too much because everyone deserves that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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