Why You Have To Stay Hopeful Even With A Broken Heart

~ Erebos
~ Erebos

Love. A simple 4-letter word with a very complex meaning. Explaining love to someone is nearly impossible unless they have experienced it themselves. It makes you crazy. It sends chills throughout your body and makes you fearless. When you are in love, you feel like you are on the best kind of happy pills any doctor could prescribe. Love is the closest thing to magic we have on this planet. But unfortunately love doesn’t last forever like in the fairytales. After the love dies out, the pain, and the heartbreak follow.

Everyone is said to handle heartbreak in different ways but if you were honestly in love with that person who now is just a stranger I can guarantee this pain will be the worst kind imaginable. Isn’t it crazy that something so beautiful and magical can be followed by such darkness? When you are in love, you never think you will be without it. You never want to think that the person you shared your trust, love, energy… all of your magic with could hurt you. I guess the ones who love you know exactly how to make the pain so bad that you can barley breathe. Oh and forget about sleeping, or eating, or honestly anything requiring more than laying in bed crying because now those simple tasks become your worst enemy. You become your own worst enemy. The heartbreak becomes your own worst enemy. There is this feeling of emptiness that you think will never go away.

I’m still trying to figure out how to heal my broken heart. All I know is that eventually all this pain simply fades away or you get so used to having to go on living with all this pain inside that you just manage. You keep on going because you have to for yourself. One day you’ll remember that pain and let yourself feel it for a few minutes. Maybe you will listen to a song or look at some old pictures but when those few minutes pass, you must let go. I mean if you stay broken and sad do you think you’ll ever get the chance to feel the magic again? If anything in this life is real and pure, it is those moments you spend with people you love, looking into the other person’s eyes and thinking how safe and happy and in love you are right there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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