10 Things Every College Girl Should Stop Doing

Community: Season 3
Community: Season 3

1. Text

Don’t get me wrong, texting can be a useful form of communication, like that time when you’re discussing what to buy for Susie’s birthday present with your mom. But not every conversation should be had through texts. Texting is never the best channel for confrontation and arguments. Try having face to face conversations; or depends on the situation, a phone call can work awfully faster than five “are you here yet?” chain texts.

2. Wear crop/transparent tops to school

Crop/transparent tops are great when you’re going out on a Friday night or to a music festival in Florida. They are however, are not so great for classes. Not only is it distracting for your peers (remember that girl who wore a neon pink bra under a transparent top to lecture?) but also disrespectful to your professors.

3. Get tattoos for the sake of getting them

It is one thing to get a tattoo of something that symbolizes important personal experience and another thing to get a tattoo of a symbol that’s indie and cool. No matter how trendy that butterfly or infinite sign looks now, it is going to be outdated in ten years.

4. Have a group of friends

In high school you had a group of friends, 5 or 6 girls who you’ve known since elementary school. But in college, it is no longer necessary for you to have a set friend group. Go out and meet different people (jocks, band kids, hipsters…) and make friends through them. While a friend group may provide security, it also poses limitation on meeting and making new friends, which is what you come to college to do anyway!

5. Mourn over high school boyfriends

We get it, he asked you to prom with two dozen red roses and you spent countless summer nights taking long walks on the beach talking about darkest secrets and dreams. Guys you meet in college may not be as great as him, in fact they are very likely to treat you much much worse than your high school sweetheart; but you should still get out there and try something new. Recognize the fact that it’s okay to grow or regress (make mistakes!) as long as you are experiencing and learning new things.

6. Compare everything to your hometown

Stop talking about how much better Montclair, New Jersey is better than your college town/city. So what if Bobbie Brown lives there and that you have the best sandwich shop on the east coast(so you claim)? It is annoying and it puts those who are enjoying their college experience in a bad mood. Every place is different and you should let yourself give other places a chance, even if in the end you’d rather go back to New Jersey (which I’m not sure why anyone would).

7. Think being emotionally unavailable is cool

There has been one too many movie and song written about the emotionally unavailable girl who is mysterious, sad and breaks hearts. Get over it! In real life, nobody likes to hang out with a moody person or have one way relationships in which nothing is returned. Continue this mentality and you will lose a lot of people who care about you.

8. Pretend to like someone

You can’t be liked by everyone and you should not feel the obligation to like everyone. It is okay to feel negative about someone as long as you are being respectful. Some people are not meant to be your friends, just let it go.

9. Agree

Stop agreeing to what your friends think. Sometimes your friends are wrong, and most of the time there is no right or wrong. It is okay to voice your opinion as long as you are being understanding and respectful. At this point in your life, you should also start listening and considering opposite opinions. They may surprise you.

10. Let guys make you feel bad about yourself

I’m not going to lie, it is going to be hard to feel great about yourself after that guy you’ve been hooking up with for month stopped texting you and start hooking up with the half Asian girl with perfect hair. But the guys who make you feel like this is never the one and their opinions are not worthwhile. Remember, only you can make yourself feel bad. Be in control and define your own self-worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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