In Your Arms I Feel Alive

Frank McKenna

There’s a cocoon in my mind where I keep thoughts of you.

Your memory rests in the shadows of my collarbone; you are dabbed like perfume
Behind the lobes of my ear, in the creases of my elbows, at the base of my neck.

I cannot get enough of the way your mind runs,
Leaving remnants like crystallized caramel coating the tip of my tongue.

Each caress feels like a declaration of love; you hold me like I am a precious gem, like I am Wind slipping through your fingers, like I am the shivering beat of a moth’s wings.

Your warmth is intoxicating.

Can you be drunk off of the heat of another’s shoulder blade?

I have dreams of the space
At the hollow of your neck trapped
Between my lips, and my thoughts float off like the embers of a dying fire.

I feel your hands on my hips long after your fingers have left their final brush. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

too busy daydreaming…

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