Dating After College: Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectation: Everyone you meet will be a mature adult.

Reality: Most people are holding on to their college habits for dear life.

Expectation: You’ll go on fancy dinner dates.

Reality: Sorry, too poor.

Expectation: You can have a couple drinks just to take the edge off.

Reality: You’re both hammered before dessert.

Expectation: You’ll be going on a couple dates per week.

Reality: ….if you can get off the couch.

Expectation: Those college one-night stand days are long gone.


Expectation: Joining the online dating world will open up your pool of prospects.


Expectation: They will call, not text.


Expectation: You’ll impress your date by drinking this.

Reality: You can probably only afford this.

Expectation: You’ll have deep and enlightening discussions.

Reality: After you finish talking about work, well… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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