11 Tools You Need To Survive Your Freshman Year Of College

1. A taste for cold noodles.

Try as you might, you will soon not be able to live without that cup of salty, processed goodness.

2. The ability to leave home at home.

Skyping your high school friends or calling home to check on your dog every day will keep you from fully diving in to all the debauchery that college demands.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones.

Your best offense is a good defense. Between snoring roommates, loud library eaters and that-one-drunk-guy-who-bangs-on-all-the-doors at 4 a.m., you’ll be glad you made the investment.

4. Your essential dorm room classic movie poster.

image - Flickr / Matt Mordfin
image – Flickr / Matt Mordfin

Great conversation starter: “You have that John Belushi poster? I HAVE that John Belushi poster, too!”

5. The Dominos Pizza app.

Your most loyal relationship to date.

6. Sriracha.

The cure-all for cafeteria woes.

7. Mucinex.

While everyone else is suffering from “that thing that everyone has,” you’ll be feeling like a tank.

8. A turbie twist.

For all you people out there with luscious locks, it’s a lifesaver. Also a very mod fashion statement.

9. Febreze.

The Swiss Army knife of all young adults. “Did you do laundry?” “Nah, I just Febrezed my shirt.”

10. An arsenal of go-to costumes.

So you’ll be ready when the inevitable, “RACY-THEMED PARTY–10 MINUTES!” announcement happens.

11. A willingness to forego a good portion of your dignity.

Everyone’s in a new place and back to square zero. Weird things will happen. Awkward social situations abound. You will see people naked. Go with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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