19 Thoughts Every Non-Runner Has While Running

1. I wonder if I actually look like a runner? *looks at reflection in parked car*

2. I’m feeling okay now that I’ve just started…Maybe I should start “becoming a runner.”

3. I wonder when this is going to get harder.

4. Yep, okay, yep. This just became the worst.

5. I definitely shouldn’t have eaten all those pancakes.

6. Mmmm…pancakes.

7. Why do people run in the first place? I can’t believe people like this.

8. Whoever says they enjoy running is living a lie.

9. Who invented running?

(Because they should watch their back.)


11. Who decided to put the biggest hill in the world right here?

12. I am sweating a lot. I wonder if people can tell I’m sweating a lot.

13. Where is all this sweat even coming from?

14. What am I going to eat for dinner?

(Answer: burger. Easy)

15. I bet I burned enough calories to reward myself with a burger and fries. *Checks barely used fitness bracelet.*

16. I wonder if I’ll look different after this run.

17. Wow, I’ve been going for a while. This isn’t so bad!

18. Wait wtf I’m only halfway??!

19. That’s enough. I’ll burn more calories using a remote. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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