19 Milestones In The Life Of Every First Generation American

1. Finally not having to mouth the words to the national anthem.

“Or so proudly inhaled, by hm hm’s last glee-eee….”

2. Getting your parent to pack a PB&J in your lunch.

image - Flickr / Melissa Bube
image – Flickr / Melissa Bube

Bonus points if they throw in a Capri Sun.

3. Giving someone directions.

And maybe even throwing in a recommendation.

4. When you sing along to that one song that everyone knows.


5. Discovering Costco.

The real American dream.

6. When you decide which sports team to adopt.


…even though your parents still probably think that football is “handegg.”

7. When you get through an introduction without anyone messing up your name.

Because the more syllables, the more complicated, right? *sigh*

8. The first time your parents try to use the lingo.

Photo by Natalie Morin
Photo by Natalie Morin


9. Getting your first shirt with the Abercrombie/Hollister logo.


“See, I’m into surfing!”

10. When you start thinking in degrees Fahrenheit and feet.

Fahrenheit vs. Celsius

11. And you make a significant purchase without converting currencies.

Though dollars still look pretty ugly in comparison.

12. When your family hosts Thanksgiving and tries out the whole “turkey thing.”

But Chinese food is so much easier…

13. When your American friends come over to celebrate one of your culture’s holidays.

image - Flickr / Steven Gerner
image – Flickr / Steven Gerner

For once, you don’t feel foreign at all.

14. That first visit to Disneyland.

My cousin went to Disneyland...


14. Celebrating your first Fourth of July.

Thank you, Founding Fathers, for inventing the hotdog.

15. When your family downloads Skype.

The phone bill never looked so good!

16. Going on your first Great American road trip.

Road Trip

It’s cute that your parents take one look at a guidebook and instantly become tour guides.

18. When you start actually appreciating language school on the weekends.


Now you and your parents can talk smack about other people in public!

19. The moment when you finally realize that you have the best of both worlds.


Or three worlds. Or five. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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