This Is A Mental Health Reminder For Anyone Who Is Overwhelmed By Life Right Now

This week has been an eerie one. I’ve wanted to scream when my computer shut off while I was typing up an assignment. I wanted to cry when I found out that I was falling deeper into years of coming close to graduating. I wanted to throw my wallet at the wall when I realized my bank account was getting low. I wanted to rant when I was overwhelmed with the number of tasks I needed to accomplish in minimal time. I wanted to escape from responsibilities when I was no where near being close to finishing what I needed to do. My mind has a lot of turbulence going through it and it felt almost absurd to smile. But I know that tomorrow is a new day and I know that next week comes along with more tomorrows. I know that I get another shot. I still have next month and next year to make life a little more bearable. I still have a chance to find something to smile about. So I scream and cry once more to get it all out and then I remind myself that I have more tomorrows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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