5 Telling Signs You Are A Second Semester College Senior

Flickr / Luftphilia
Flickr / Luftphilia

Graduating college is a grand accomplishment, a major privilege, and completely overwhelming. There are the students who can’t wait to close their $300.00 books for good and get the hell out of their chosen institution. There are the students who take up extra semesters and victory laps because they just can’t leave. Then there are students like me- excited for the bright future laid ahead of them, yet depressed that the great college lifestyle is soon coming to an end.

Although participating in the last semester is more emotionally bitter than it is sweet, it is the best one yet. To have something so great that makes saying goodbye so hard is a lucky gift to receive in life. Make the most of your last few months, because in a blink of an eye you will be walking across a stage accepting a diploma. Here is how you know you are a second-semester college senior.  

1. You Appreciate Campus More

Walking around campus is more eye opening than ever before. You recognize less faces since you are the oldest, yet you take the long way to your destination because soon the sights and sounds will be gone. You see how beautiful the vast green lawn is and finally notice how aesthetically beautiful the architecture is on that science building you always pass. You can’t help but to walk around with a smile on your face, this is home.

2. You Are Broke

As a second semester senior, your flexible college schedule will be put to good use. You go on road trips, like to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, simply because you can. You travel to the Caribbean for spring break because it is the last time it will be acceptable to enter a booty-shaking contest, half naked, while holding a pina colada. You are legally able to drink, so getting beers with friends will be as routine as brushing your teeth. You usually have to spot at least one person (if it is not yourself needing money), because so-and-so’s payday is not until the end of the week but you still want them to come out. You will be bankrupt, this is worth it.

3. You Are Closer With Your Friends

Your friend group has reached a point that when people call you by each others names, you answer to it. You all know that in a few months, you will be states away instead of a few houses down. You do not care who else will be at social gatherings, because as long as you have each other it will be a great time regardless. When you haven’t seen each other all day, you miss them as if it has been years. You will think you are obsessed with each other, this is family.

4. You Go Out More

The weekends you have left are dwindling down along with the nights you decide to stay in. Thursday-Sunday are not optional anymore, and even if you try to, “take it easy,” you will be harassed and end up going hard anyways. When the bars close, post-gaming becomes constant, and this is where the best times- like drunk apartment baseball- will happen. You will think you are an alcoholic, this is acceptable.

5. You Envy Freshman

You see the fresh-faced Freshman making fools of themselves at the bar or desperately seeking for someone to buy them a handle, and you feel a pang of jealousy. Although you do not want to necessarily stay longer, you wish you could go back in time and be in their shoes again. The whole cliché,  “Enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast,”  is now something you fully know the meaning of. You are excited for the time they have left because each year is better than the one before. You will be sad, this is their beginning and your ending (to a new beginning). Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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